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Mobile marketing and in particular offering mobile experiences is vital nowadays. Learn how other businesses are already benefiting from Coupontools.
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Digital Payment Vouchers
Digital Payment Vouchers use case
Digital payment vouchers as a solution for local merchants to generate revenue in times of lockdown. Here's how it works:
Gamification in recruitment
Gamification in recruitment use case
Synergie was looking for a way to make the recruitment process more exciting. 
Coupons to reward Loyalty
Coupons to reward Loyalty use case
SipWell launched a gamified coupon campaign to reward their loyal customers.
Phygital Marketing campaign
Phygital Marketing campaign use case
Phygital Scratch & Win Marketing case for Coca Cola Belgium
Shopping Center Gamification
Shopping Center Gamification use case
+ Video
Shopping 1 Genk used gamification to gather personal visitor data. Here's how it worked:
Coca Cola - Recycle
Coca Cola - Recycle use case
Coca Cola stimulates customers to recycle by offering digital experiences!
Coupons in Newsapp
Coupons in Newsapp use case
As part of the promotional campaign for their app, HBvL wanted to reward their app users with a coupon.
Mobile Surveys GFK
Mobile Surveys GFK use case
GFK, a large market research organization, combined surveys with mobile coupons.
Phygital Marketing Case
Phygital Marketing Case use case
Phygital marketing is where the physical and digital worlds come together. 
Belfius Hockey League
Belfius Hockey League use case
Scratch & Win coupons are incredibly popular among fans of all ages.
Djeans Jeans Store
Djeans Jeans Store use case
Thanks to our innovative stamp validation process, Djeans can offer secure coupons.
Digital Coupons for Loyalty
Digital Coupons for Loyalty use case
Coupontools contributed to Taco Bell's Loyalty campaign in Kuwait. 
Digital Coupons to boost customer experience
Digital Coupons to boost customer experience use case
To enrich the customer experience, Al Mulla  & Behbehani Motor Company decided to partner with Coupontools.
In-store digital coupons
In-store digital coupons use case
To boost sales in the various retail outlets in France, Essilor launched an impressive SMS coupon campaign was launched.
Digital Coupon Catalog
Digital Coupon Catalog use case
To transit from paper coupons to digital coupons, Backspiel collaborated with Coupontools.
Landingpage & Campaign
Landingpage & Campaign use case
Accor Hotels Brazil, a renowned chain of hotels, aimed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through a strategic digital campaign. To achieve this goal, they collaborated with Coupontools, a leading platform for creating and managing coupon-based campaigns.    
Boosting Student Engagement
Boosting Student Engagement use case
Alma Restaurants, located in Belgium's university cities of Leuven and Kortrijk, executed an effective marketing campaign using digital coupons to engage new students and enhance their dining experience.
Spinwheel Coupon Campaign
Spinwheel Coupon Campaign use case
Boosting Excitement for early birds: The Hagelandse 101 Spinwheel Coupon Campaign For its fourth edition, Hagenlandse 101 sought an innovative way to engage participants and reward them for signing up early. Through a spinwheel, 101 prizes were distributed, ranging from drink coupons to gift certificates from AS Adventure. This use case describes how Hagenlandse 101, using Zapier, Gmail, and Coupontools, rewarded the first 150 registrants with unique spinwheel coupons, with no validation and a set number of winners.
Digital Fast Food Coupons
Digital Fast Food Coupons use case
Kout Food Group is a large concern with multiple big brands in its portfolio. Have a look at their stunning Burger King campaign.
Holiday Coupons
Holiday Coupons use case
To reward their existing clients SipWell launched a Holiday Coupon Campaign!
Customer Care Vouchers
Customer Care Vouchers use case
The KFC headquarters of the United Kingdom and Ireland were looking to digitize their current customer care approach.
Vouchers for food distribution
Vouchers for food distribution use case
A Zimbabwean NGO was looking for an innovative solution to distribute food vouchers. Digital Payment Vouchers turned out to be the perfect solution!
Digital Loyalty Program
Digital Loyalty Program use case
Digital Loyalty Program to boost Customer Loyalty for a local barber!  
Dave & Buster's
Dave & Buster's use case
Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and entertainment chain with 137 locations across the United States.
Zain Bahrain - Gamification
Zain Bahrain - Gamification use case
Zain Bahrein, a leading telecommunications operator chose to reward loyal customers with gamified coupons. 
Ecco In-store Gamification
Ecco In-store Gamification  use case
Ecco is a Danish shoe retailer. They've set up a special Holiday Campaign using digital Spin Wheel coupons.
McDonald's Customer Care
McDonald's Customer Care use case
McDonald's launched a digital customer care campaign. Coupontools was honoured to help with the campaign!
Shell Motor Oils Kenya
Shell Motor Oils Kenya use case
Shell is the number #1 global lubricant supplier and manufactures a full range of motor oils.
Coca Cola The Netherlands
Coca Cola The Netherlands use case
We’ve served Coca-Cola The Netherlands to help them take their location-based coupons to the next level
Lidl - Mother's Day
Lidl - Mother's Day  use case
Coupontools cooperated with Lidl on an amazing Mother's Day Campaign through a podcast. 
Digital Spin Wheel Campaign
Digital Spin Wheel Campaign use case
Zain was able to reward customers with prizes via gamified spin wheels.
Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins use case
The Washington Redskins partnered with Coupontools for a location-based marketing campaign. Check how we helped!
Bottega Verde Italy
Bottega Verde Italy use case
Bottega Verde is the No.1 beauty brand in Italy, with over 6 million customers worldwide.
Zain Bahrain - Custom game
Zain Bahrain  - Custom game  use case
Coupontools developed a custom mobile game for Zain Bahrain
Digicel Caribbean
Digicel Caribbean  use case
Digicel is a mobile phone network provider operating in 31 markets across the Caribbean.
KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras
KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras use case
Dining services are always on the lookout for unique ways to redeem or use deal vouchers.
Yellowpages Singapore
Yellowpages Singapore use case
Yellowpages Singapore offers an innovative way for businesses to connect with local consumers.
Dalle Valle App
Dalle Valle App use case
DalleValle was searching for a new, better functioning app with a built-in mobile coupon directory.
Mobile City Marketing
Mobile City Marketing  use case
The City of Holdfast Bay enriched their city marketing when they discovered mobile marketing.
Branson Saver - Coupon App
Branson Saver - Coupon App use case
The Branson Saver App. Never pay full price in Branson!
Gamification for Data?
Gamification for Data? use case
DipnDip used gamification to reach their marketing goals!
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters use case
Thomson Reuters used Coupontools for their Synergy conference.
Dealcity Kenya
Dealcity Kenya use case
Get exclusive and amazing food deals and discounts only at Deal City Kenya app.
Tabloid & Digital Scratch Off
Tabloid & Digital Scratch Off use case
Blikk launched a phygital marketing campaign. Check out how it worked exactly
WoWTenerife use case
Consumers enjoy promotions and discounts to shop from hundreds of merchants in Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Sessibon - Fashion Coupons
Sessibon - Fashion Coupons use case
Sessibon is a leading name in the fashion industry, providing unique and creative fashion concepts.
Elite Shoppers Club
Elite Shoppers Club use case
Elite Shoppers Club boost the economic stability of Barrow County with a local coupon app.
Mobile Coupon Portal
Mobile Coupon Portal  use case
+ Video
Ticketuai is a cross-media mobile coupon portal located in Brazil.
Royal Resorts Mexico
Royal Resorts Mexico use case
Royal Resorts is using Coupontools to promote specific hotel services for guests.
Supercupon Costa Rica
Supercupon Costa Rica use case
+ Video
Supercupon is a coupon marketing app in Costa Rica where local businesses can promote discounts.
Airport Parking Service
Airport Parking Service use case
Dulles International near Washington uses the Coupontools platform for parking discounts.
Sewerd Alaska Savings
Sewerd Alaska Savings use case
The Save More, Play More Coupon App. Find local savings throughout the city of Seward Alaska.

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