PepsiCo & Round Table Pizza

PepsiCo & Round Table Pizza use case

PepsiCo boosted up Round Table Pizza sales with gamified coupons from Coupontools.

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Burger King Cyprus

Burger King Cyprus use case

Burger King Cyprus uses Coupontools to boost their mobile marketing!

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Coca Cola Belgium

Coca Cola Belgium use case

Phygital Scratch & Win Marketing case for Coca Cola Belgium

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Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's use case

Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and entertainment chain with 89 locations across the United States.

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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters use case

Thomson Reuters used Coupontools for their Synergy conference.

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Mobile surveys for GFK

Mobile surveys for GFK use case

GFK, a large market research organization, combined surveys with mobile coupons.

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Tabloid & Digital Scratch Off

Tabloid & Digital Scratch Off use case

Blikk combined an offline marketing campaign in combination with a digital scratch off campaign.

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Branson Saver App

Branson Saver App use case

The Branson Saver App. Never pay full price in Branson!

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Mobile Coupon Portal in Brazil

Mobile Coupon Portal in Brazil use case

Ticketuai is a cross-media mobile coupon portal located in Brazil.

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Royal Resorts Mexico

Royal Resorts Mexico use case

Royal Resorts is using Coupontools to promote specific hotel services for guests.

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Supercupon Costa Rica

Supercupon Costa Rica use case

Supercupon is a coupon marketing app in Costa Rica where local businesses can promote discounts.

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Mobile Fundraising & Rewards

Mobile Fundraising & Rewards use case

Digital Donations support the nonprofit industry with innovative fundraising technologies.

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Airport Parking Service

Airport Parking Service use case

Dulles International near Washington uses the Coupontools platform for parking discounts.

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Moneybookz use case

Moneybookz! Promotes local commerce, saves, consumers money, increase sales for businesses.

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Sewerd Alaska Saving App

Sewerd Alaska Saving App use case

The Save More, Play More Coupon App. Find local savings throughout the city of Seward Alaska.

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