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Use Case: Shopping Center Gamification

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Shopping 1 Genk is just one of the shopping locations our client Werldhave hosts. Within Belgium they have 7 different shopping venues. Check how they used gamification to collect personal data of the visitors.
Shopping Genk was looking for an easy and pleasant way to capture the visitors’ personal data for their future marketing purposes. Here’s the campaign we’ve whipped up with them.


Shopping Genk explained their needs and the goals they aimed to reach with the campaign. We want to capture visitor data in a pleasant, digital way, without bothering the visitors. It has to be a game based on the persons’ capabilities, not only luck. With this intel, Coupontools got to work.

Coupontools designed a custom, digital Memory Game for Shopping 1 Genk and took care of the entire visitor registration flow. Visitors had to register themselves on a tablet before playing the game. Shopping 1 Genk gathered personal details such as Name, Email address and ZIP code. The email addresses of the visitors opens doors to reach the visitors with future marketing messages while the ZIP codes gives insights where your audience is coming from. When successfully registered, visitors could have their go. Coupontools designed a grown up version using 16 memory cards and a child version using only 12 memory cards. The images hidden under the cards were the logo’s of some major brands situated in the Shopping center. The players had to match all the logos as soon as possible. The 5 quickest players won a shopping gift certificate. However, every player was entitled to a consolation prize, so everyone was considered a winner that day.

Why this approach?
Since the entire campaign focus was data capture in a pleasant way, a digital Memory Game was the way to go. It’s accessible for everyone, based on the skill of the player and everyone is always up for a little game, especially when there are prizes involved. This campaign was launched during the holidays, so the design was completely holiday themed. Another campaign angle was, anyone who left their personal data, had to go home with a winners feeling. So there were no losers at all! A (Memory) game is a great to increase engagement, capture data and offer a pleasant experience to your audience, all in an easy way!

The flow

  1. Visitors had to register themselves on a tablet. Childs’ Memory or adults’ memory.
  2. If successfully registered, their name would become visible on the big screens where the memory game was played on.
  3. The player had to select their name to start the game
  4. The player had to finish the memory game as quick as possible to end up in the top 5.
  5. The final top 5 at the end of the day won a gift certificate for Shopping 1.

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