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Use Case: Phygital Marketing campaign

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In this use case I want to show you a Phygital (Physical+Digital) Scratch & Win Marketing campaign from Coca-Cola Belgium created using our Coupontools platform.

"Phygital marketing is interacting with customers in a physical location and is trying to enhance the physical experience with a digital experience to combine the best of both worlds."

How the campaign worked:
The consumer receives a printed unique QR-Code when he or she buys a Coca Cola Enterprises product. The consumer scans the QR code to play the scratch & win game. The consumers scratches the scratch&win card on his mobile device. There was set up a 50% win chance.

The winners are able to click on “use now” or “use later”.
The “Use later” button, allows them to save the coupon to email, Facebook, or their Mobile wallet.
The “Use now” button allows them to redeem the coupon at the cashier from the restaurant.

The validation process was set up to simply click on a “Validate” button to mark the coupon as used.

Campaign specifications:
- Unique QR codes on each printed flyer
- Easy to use redemption process
- 50% win chances

This phygital pilot case had a very high redemption rate:
* 2724 games played
* 1362 won (50%)
* 1172 claimed coupons (86% vs #Won)
* 824 redeemed (60% vs #Won)

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