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Use Case: Holiday Coupons

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SipWell is one of the most famous producers/suppliers of quality water coolers in all shapes and colors. They aim with their products and services at both individuals and companies. Check out how they revolutionized their marketing approach using the Coupontools software!

SipWell had a clear concept that allowed Coupontools to get started right away. They want to launch a digital marketing campaign for their existing customers during the holidays. In this way, they want to create engagement and give their clients a unique brand experience.

How the campaign worked:
The digital coupon was designed using the Coupontools platform. A scratch and win coupon was the best option to provide customers with a fun experience during the Christmas period. This coupon was designed entirely in the branding of SipWell. For the distribution of the coupon, SipWell was looking for a landing page. The landing page functions as a customer portal. Coupontools developed the perfect solution for their needs! Once legitimated, customers receive a unique scratch & win Coupon. The Landings page was entirely in SipWell's branding. The landing page first asks for the customer's Customer ID and the email address on this landing page. These have to match to give the customer access to the coupon. Once legitimated, customers receive a unique scratch & win Coupon. Using this method, SipWell ensured that each customer could only play the scratch and win Coupon once. For validation, SipWell didn't use a validation method from the Coupontools platform. They had a different approach. Since unique data is already required on the landing page before the game coupon is unlocked, there's no validation required. Because each customer can only play once, the campaign is standard single-use.

So how do the winners get their gift?
All Customer IDs and email addresses of the participants are collected in a database. Based on this data, SipWell contacts the winners and delivers the gift.

Why this approach?
Since unique customer data is already requested via the landing page, traditional validation is not necessary. It is one of the significant advantages of the landing page distribution method. Before one can use the coupon, the landing page already checks if it concerns an existing and unique customer of yours. All entered customer data is captured in the back-end. Based on this data, SipWell contacts the winners and eventually reward them.

The campaign resulted in:

  • Increased engagement
  • High participation
  • Brand awareness
  • Better customer experience
  • Happy customers
  • ROI overview

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