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Use Case: Shell Motor Oils Kenya

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Shell is the No.1 global lubricant supplier. The company manufactures a full range of motor oils to meet the individual requirements of their customers.

Shell Motor Oils Kenya was able to implement their in-store promotional campaign by integrating Coupontools into their POS system. They were able to reward their customers with free airtime after the purchase of selected motor oils in the 369 participating redeemable locations.

In Kenya, airtime (pre-paid mobile phone minutes) can be used as currency. The use of airtime as currency is driven by the growing ease of sending minutes abroad. By rewarding valuable airtime to their customers, Shell Motor Oils Kenya was able to gain a competitive advantage.

How the Campaign Worked
Coupontools provided a tool for the POS system of Shell Motor Oils Kenya. The in-store promotional campaign aimed to reward customers with free airtime once they purchased the selected Shell motor oils. The amount of free airtime would vary depending on the specific type of motor oil that was purchased.

Whenever a customer chose to buy one of Shell’s motor oils, the cashier would need to log in to Coupontools’ POS tool with their unique password, which was running on a tablet. The cashier would then select the digital coupon for the specific motor oil product that the customer bought. Then the cashier would ask for the customer’s phone number and enter it into the reward system, allowing the coupon with the free airtime balance to be sent directly to the customer’s number. The customer would immediately receive an SMS message containing their free airtime reward.

The Results
Shell Motor Oils Kenya was very satisfied with the results from their marketing campaign. Their reward for free airtime helped them to gain a competitive advantage and highlight their brand. They plan to set up new and even larger campaigns with Coupontools.
Example results for the month of July 2018: 12700 rewards paid

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