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Use Case: Digital Scratch Cards

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Oma Fresh Foods is a modern Halal market in Ontario, Canada. Oma Fresh recently opened a new location and wanted Turbo Studio’s help to create brand awareness in the region and drive more in-store traffic. Turbo Studio teamed up with CouponTools to launch an interactive single-use digital coupon distributed on Facebook and Instagram. Turbo Studio used various content creation, coupled with the digital coupon, to drive more awareness and traffic. 

More info about the Coupon Creation

Turbo Studio teamed up with Coupontools for interactive digital coupons. The software allowed them to create the coupons themselves easily. One of the main requirements of Turbo Studio was single-use. Users were only allowed to use the coupon one time. That’s Coupontools specialty. 

To keep the campaign very accessible, Turbo Studio didn’t require any personal data to claim the coupon. It was only meant to generate more traffic to their brand-new store. Because of the online distribution through Facebook and Google ads, and people not immediately redeeming it, Turbo Studio included some save methods. Users could easily save the coupon to email or even print the coupon.

For secure validation, Turbo Studio used a QR code + password. The QR code allowed the merchant to validate the coupon without touching the user’s phone. The merchant scans the code with his device and enters the secret password on his device for successful validation. This validation method works for both online and offline validation.

How did they promote the campaign?

1) New store video animation teaser 
2) New store static graphics
3) New store video commercial
4) Retarget digital coupon offer at high video and animation engagers

Campaign Summary


  • Brand awareness 
  • Traffic generator
  • Accessible coupon
  • Distribution through social media & google
    • Ads
  • Completely single-use to prevent fraud
  • Touchless validation

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