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Use Case: Digital Payment Vouchers

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While the internet giants are selling more than ever before, the lockdown is having an enormous impact on the local economy. (Local) Businesses who aren’t present online are facing a massive loss of revenue. Luckily there popped up some local initiatives to combine forces and offer the local merchants a hand in these difficult times.

‘8370 koopt lokaal’ – ‘8370 buys local’ is an initiative of a local computer shop (Questcomputers) in Blankenberge - Belgium. The platform is launched to assist the local merchants and make it possible to gather a bit of revenue during these difficult times.

The setup:
The local merchants have to enroll themselves online on the website. Once successfully registered, the local merchant is displayed as a participating merchant on the site (platform). The participating merchants are allowed to publish a max. of 6 different coupons or gift vouchers on the platform.

  • Digital coupons: Digital coupons are mainly used to attract visits straight after the lockdown is over. If you already publish some excellent discounts, clients will easily find their way to your store.
  • Gift cards: It’s an offer that is already purchasable. De client will receive a digital (payment) voucher. That’s the proof that you have already paid for your product or service. The objective of gift vouchers is to ensure there is ensure that there’s some money flowing in during the lockdown.

The local merchants don’t need to create digital coupons or gift vouchers themselves. It’s done for them. The local merchants just have to think through what they are willing to offer. The ‘8370 buys local’ team is taking care of the technical aspect. ‘

When a merchant signed up, ‘8370 buys local’ team first discusses which type of campaign the merchant is looking for and then carefully creates the gift voucher or coupon using the Coupontools coupon builder. Next, they also discuss which validation methods the merchant wants to use and sets it up for him. QR code, password, and the in-house validation widget are just a few of the secure validation methods the Coupontools platform provides, to prevent you’re a victim of fraudsters.

Currently,  the 8370 ‘buys local’ platform is (almost) completely free for local merchants. It’s developed to help the local merchants overcome the crisis and prevent our beloved city and merchants from facing even more difficulties.  The only cost that’s charged is the transaction costs of a payment made through the platform. If it turns out to be a success story, it might become a paid platform in the future.

Why this approach?
This noble initiative was developed to help local merchants in collecting some revenue during the lockdown. There are no costs attached to the enrollment; only the costs for transactions are billed to the merchant. It’s better to combine all forces than instead try something on yourself.


  1. Questcomputers launches the ‘8370 buys local’ website.
  2. Interested merchants enroll themselves.
  3. ‘8370 buys local’ contacts the merchants regarding their campaign idea.
  4. ‘8370 buys local’ creates the campaign (gift voucher or coupon) using Coupontools.
  5. ‘8370 buys local’ publishes the offers, in a Mobile Coupon Directory on their website.

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