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Use Case: Ecco In-store Gamification

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Ecco is a Danish shoe producer and retailer. As you’d already know, the days that they only operated in Denmark are far behind them. Ecco is active in 99 different countries these days with both web shops and physical stores. The brand is known for its high-quality shoes and great (customer) service.

However they’re active worldwide, the coupon campaign using the Coupontools services was restricted to American stores only. The 36 stores functioned as test market.

Ecco promoted their in-store campaign using posters. It simply mentioned: Text ‘Spin Ecco’ to [SHORTCODE], e.g. (1111). The audience who precisely followed these steps would receive a reply on their message with the coupon URL embedded in the text message. If the recipient then visited the embedded URL, the spin wheel coupon shows up in their browser. If the game was played properly, the user could win discounts on next purchases or a pairs of free shoes. The amount of times a pair of shoes could be won was restricted to a maximum, while the odds of winning discounts were flexible.
Explanation: The admin set up a max amount of times a prize could be won. When reached, the users couldn’t win the prize anymore.


For secure validation, Ecco had set up unique validation passwords for each redeem location. The cashiers of each store had to enter the unique location password assigned to their store, on the user's mobile device. If the coupon wasn't used before and the password was right, the coupon would be successfully validated. This approach, of using unique passwords for each redeem location, made it possible for Ecco to track which store was the most successful and gathered the most conversions.

Why this approach?
Ecco opted for a text message approach because it is accessible for every store visitor. (Almost) Everyone has a mobile device and is capable of sending text messages. That’s why Ecco preferred this approach above (for example) a QR code approach. It resulted in an effective campaign where the threshold for participation was really low. A lot of spin wheels were played and converted at the place.

The campaign summary of Ecco:

  • The Ecco team designed an appealing spin wheel
  • The number of prizes was fixed but the odds were flexible.
  • Customers could only play the spin wheel once.
  • Customers could only validate the mobile coupon once at the checkout.
  • Great engagement and improved in-store conversion rates
  • Every gesture of the audience is trackable
    • The number of messages sent
    • The number of coupon opens
    • The number of spin wheels played
    • The number of opens without validation.
    • The number of discounts validated
    • The number of validations for each location



  • Provide a campaign that is accessible to everyone.
  • Discounts limited in time trigger FOMO (Fear of missing out), which result in a higher conversion rate at the place. Customers don't want to miss out on something they've won.
  • No hard promoting. It’s really up to the customer whether they’re up for it.
  • Provide your audience with pleasant experiences in your store.
  • Fixed prizes with flexible winning odds.

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