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Use Case: Restaurant Coupon Marketing

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Tablesfull is a restaurant-focused agency. They are helping restaurant owners to optimize their marketing efforts. Tablesfull has invented its proper strategy to do so. They aim to sell for three visits instead of only one. After three visits, the chances almost double of becoming a regular.

Campaign setup:
One particular campaign Tablesfull is proud of is their case with a pizza restaurant.  The restaurant was looking for a solution to raise engagement, bring in more visitors, and eventually boost sales. Tablesfull came with a concrete plan to make that happen. Here’s how Coupontools featured in it.

Tablesfull used Coupontools to create digital coupons for the pizza restaurant. They created multiple types of coupons: regular coupons, scratch & win, and spin wheels. For the first coupon, they focused on data capture. Before the coupon user was able to redeem the coupon, he had to enter his details. This way, the pizza restaurant kickstarted a proper customer database. It allowed them to reach the same audience again directly, an audience that’s likely to interact with your promotions.

For the distribution of their first coupon, they mainly used Facebook lead ads. Because they hadn’t any personal data yet, this was the best option. Later on, they would use the personal data to communicate with the audience directly.

By using our in-house validation widget with a unique location password, Tablesfull guaranteed fraud-proof campaigns. Because the pizzeria had multiple locations, every redeem location had its unique validation password. This way, it was easy to track which coupon was validated in which restaurant.

To track is to know:
The campaign resulted in many exciting campaign statistics such as open rate, claim rate, redeem rate and which restaurant was the most popular. An overview of this helps you understand where people would drop out in your coupon campaign. If you notice that you have a high open rate but a low claim rate, you may be asking too much data compared to the discount value you’re offering in return. Apart from the campaign data, the campaign resulted in a lot of personal data as well.

The campaign ran flawlessly and made Tablesfull realize that Coupontools might have other convenient features and campaign types in store. So they whipped up a directory to gather all their digital campaigns in one place. E.g., In the coupon directory, they have a monthly returning deal. Customers know where to look for deals and find their way to the restaurant more often.

Campaign summary:

  • Usage of multiple coupon types
    • Regular, gamifieds
  • Distribution
    • FB-ads
    • Later on personal data
  • Secure validation methods
    • In-house validation widget/app
    • Unique password for every location
  • Extraction of data
    • Personal

Campaign results:

  • More customer engagement
  • Accurate insight in
    • Open rate, claim rate, redeem rate
    • Redeems per location
  • A customer database
  • More visitors
    • First-timers
    • Regulars
  • Increased sales
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