Frequently asked questions

No, there's no setup fee for any of our plans.

Yes, you can. If you ever decide that Coupontools isn't the best Couponing Platform for your business, you can simply cancel the account payments within the control panel.

No, we don't charge any commission fees. You only pay for our services a fixed pricing. If you use our mobile payment integrations in our platform all payments are made directly to your own PayPal or Stripe account without commissions.

We don't have a limit on the coupon usage you can deliver per campaign but we do have a fair use policy.
For every campaign (coupon), we provide a fair use policy limited to 2500 claims per /mo.
This is cumulative which means that if you have paid for 10 campaigns, you can have 25000 claims /moly in total for your account.
If you have much more traffic, we can charge 0.002 dollar for every claim above 2500 claims.
In our price lists and control panel we use the term "campaigns" instead of "coupons". That's because, besides coupons, we also offer scratch & win campaigns, gift cards, vouchers. You can build multiple campaigns for your customers, and a campaign can be eather a coupon or a gamified coupon or a gift card or a voucher.

Examples of usage based on a 10 campaigns plan:
- Build 10 unique coupon layouts for 10 different customers.
- Build 5 coupons and 5 vouchers.
- Create 5 customer subaccounts and let those 5 customers each manage 2 active coupons.

Yes, you can! You just need to go to "Plans & Prices" page then click on the "manage plan" link (you can upgrade and downgrade) and choose a different plan. The change will take effect immediately.