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Use Case: Boosting Student Engagement

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Boosting Student Engagement with Alma Restaurants' Welcome Coupons

Alma Restaurants, located in Belgium's university cities of Leuven and Kortrijk, executed an effective marketing campaign using digital coupons to engage new students and enhance their dining experience.


Alma Restaurants faced the challenge of introducing their dining services to new students, making a lasting impression, all while aligning with sustainability goals and promoting eco-friendly menu options.


Using the integration of Coupontools and MailChimp, Alma Restaurants sent targeted emails to incoming students, welcoming them to the university and offering a unique, single-use coupon for a discounted, eco-friendly spaghetti. Each coupon was unique, time-sensitive, and required a password linked to the restaurant's location.

Here's how it worked:

  1. Personalization: Each email contained a unique, single-use coupon code. This personalization made the students feel special and valued, while also allowing Alma Restaurants to track which students claimed their offer and at which location.
  2. Exclusivity: The coupon was a one-time offer, adding a sense of urgency. Students understood that this was a limited-time opportunity to enjoy a discounted and eco-friendly meal at Alma Restaurants.
  3. Password Validation: To redeem the coupon, students needed to provide a password. The password was location-specific, which showed in the statistics so Alma knew which location was most visited with the coupon.


Alma Restaurants' coupon campaign achieved remarkable success:

  1. High Redemption Rate: Coupons were eagerly redeemed, attracting students to experience Alma's cuisine.
  2. Increased Footfall: The campaign not only attracted first-time visitors but also encouraged students to bring along friends.
  3. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign significantly raised Alma Restaurants' visibility and reputation among students.
  4. Data Collection: Valuable insights into customer preferences were gathered for future marketing campaigns.


Alma Restaurants' strategic coupon campaign with Coupontools successfully engaged students and enriched their dining experience. By focusing on personalized offers and eco-friendly options, Alma Restaurants continues to be a preferred choice for students.

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