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Use Case: Digital Coupons to trigger visits

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Applebee’s is an American Grill Restaurant chain that’s active in many countries. Their location in Kuwait was looking for a durable digital coupon solution to boost traffic to their restaurants. Have a look at how Coupontools helped Applebee’s with their digital coupon campaign.

Campaign setup
Because it was Applebees' first campaign using the Coupontools software, Coupontools created the entire coupon based on their requirements. This way they were certain that all features were set up correctly.
The Coupon was designed in both English and Arab. 

The discount value was 25% and wasn’t handed out for free. Users had first to fill out their details to claim the lovely discount. The data visitors had to enter was their first name, email, and mobile number. The discount ran for a specific time and became unavailable after the expiration date.

For distribution, they sent out the coupons by SMS. The SMS was bilingual as well, English, and Arab. People first had to fill in their data before they could claim the Coupon. 

For secure validation and detailed analysis afterward, Coupontools recommended setting up a specific validation password for each participating redeem location. Thanks to those unique validation passwords per location, it was easy to see which venue was the most popular.

Why this approach?
The campaign was designed to bring people who hadn’t visited Applebee’s in a while back to the restaurant. Another objective was to have more complete data. All this customer data is carefully stored in the back-end.

Campaign summary

  • Creation of digital Coupon
    • 2 languages
    • Coupontools verified the settings
  • Distribution through email or SMS
  • Data capture
    • To have more complete data
  • Validation password
    • To track which restaurant was most popular
  • Valuable data and insights
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