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Use Case: Digital Coupons to boost customer experience

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Customer experience is essential, especially in industries selling high-value goods such as cars. Customers are looking for more than a purchase. Customers expect a unique experience and excellent service as well. To take Al Mulla's current approach to a higher level, Al Mulla turned to Coupontools.

Campaign setup
Everyone that purchases a car gets a chance to participate in an in-store game. The game is live on the screens positioned in the showroom. This way, every visitor notices when someone plays the game and wins a prize. There were no losers to guarantee a positive customer experience. Coupontools took care of the Scratch & Win Coupon and Landing Page design and advised Al Mulla during the campaign setup.

This is how it works:
A person who just bought a car has to register on a Landing Page. He could only register with a representative nearby because it required a password only the representative knows. The registration on the landing page was for additional security and captured valuable customer data such as the email, name, and first name.

When registered successfully, the person could access the Landing Page and choose a tile. Behind every tile, there's a coupon hidden. After the selection of the tile, the coupon appears. The person plays the scratch coupon live on the tv in-store. Every participant would win a prize. All prizes were fixed, and Al Mulla Group configured the winning chances of the prizes themselves. If someone won a prize, a loud 'winners tune' sounded and attracted all the visitors' attention in the showroom.

Since only people who purchased a car could participate and the registration was password-protected, coupon validation wasn't necessary. Winners would receive an email with their prize.

Why this approach?
Mainly to enrich the in-store customer experience and to capture valuable customer data for future marketing initiatives. 

Campaign Summary:

  • Landing Page for registration/participation
    • Data capture
    • Password protected
    • Designed by Coupontools
  • Scratch & win coupon
    • Designed by Coupontools
    • Behind every tile on Landing Page
    • Fixed win chances

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