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Use Case: Digital Loyalty Program

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Mr. Dapper is a barbershop located in Costa Rica. Day after day, they do their very best to provide their clients with amazing haircuts and more. They were looking for a solution to boost their customer loyalty when they stumbled on Coupontools. Have a look at how the campaign works.

Campaign setup
Thanks to the easy-to-use Coupontools software, Mr. Dapper created their Loyalty Cards. They created two different point loyalty cards, gold and platinum. The platinum one is for paying members, and the main advantage is earning double points for each treatment. A smart approach to have customers pay in advance. This way, they’re less likely to go to other barbers because they have already ‘invested’ in advantages at their current one.

They picked scorecards above stamps cards for their campaign approach. The score would match their local currency, making it easy to redeem your Loyalty Points for a free haircut.

For distribution, they used QR codes and short URLs because not anyone knows how to scan a QR code or hasn’t a built-in QR-reader yet. They informed cardholders to download the Loyalty Card to their home screen because not everyone is familiar with the Mobile Wallet and had trouble finding their card.

The barbers scan the QR code on the cardholder’s Loyalty Card and enter the unique code displayed on the card on the merchant’s device to assign points to the Loyalty Card. 
Mr. Dapper didn’t use coupons as rewards. Thanks to the equity between the score and local currency, barbers subtract points when the cardholder claims his reward.

Mr dapper ends up with a lot of interesting personal information about their Loyal customers. They also use the statistics to check if some cardholders aren’t saving their points too long. Why? Because if people keep saving their points, they could have like 10 free haircuts in a row at a particular time. It could trigger cashflow problems if many customers do it this way. They would inform specific users who saved up many points to start using the points.

Campaign approach
Most barbers put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining (loyal) customers. Their digital Loyalty Program caters precisely to that. The platinum Loyalty Program is the perfect solution to have customers invest money for more advantages. Those customers are less likely to go somewhere else, and if they keep coming, they quickly earn their payment back thanks to the double points they earn for every treatment. If they go somewhere else, you have already gained some money on them which they can’t get back.

Campaign summary:

  • 2 Loyalty Cards
    • Gold (free)
    • Platina (Paid)
  • Distribution
    • QR code
    • Short URL
  • Assign points
    • QR Code 
    • Unique Code
  • Unlock reward?
    • Subtract points
  • Data
    • Customer data
    • Loyalty insights

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