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Use Case: Elite Shoppers Club

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Elite Shoppers Club aims to boost the economic stability of Barrow County by supporting and promoting patronage of member businesses to ensure a dynamic atmosphere. The company allows consumers to explore more than 200 businesses in Barrow County so that everyone can live and enjoy a better life.

Elite Shoppers Club aimed to make an advanced coupon app (Android + iOS) for their users, featuring several coupon categories. The purpose of the app was to bring both, consumers and local businesses together to operate through a hassle-free platform.

Our expert development team created an intuitive and engaging app, featuring a directory of local businesses, from cleaning to sports and hobbies. There are dozens of offers listed to connect consumers with all local brands. With special in-app coupons from renowned companies, consumers can avail special offers and win premium coupons to score profitable deals.

Some major highlights of the coupon app include:

  • Free coupons
  • Premium coupons
  • Notifications for local deals
  • Loyalty cards

Not only does the app promotes user engagement, it makes sharing easier and faster. It allows users to invite other users to buy a premium coupon plan. Naturally, this means more exposure to local businesses for promoting a successful and profitable economy.

Download the app:

elite shoppers club use case imageelite shoppers club use case image
elite shoppers club use case imageelite shoppers club use case image

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