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Use Case: Branson Saver - Coupon App

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The Branson Saver app is a paragon of how city marketing should be done. Learn more about the case and the role Coupontools plays in it.

Never pay full price in Branson! That's the main objective of this customer story. The touristic city, Branson, had an idea of launching an app that includes all deals available in the city. This way, the inhabitants and tourists know where to look for the latest deals in the city. As they were looking for a partner to develop the app and a software tool to manage digital coupons, Coupontools turned out to be the perfect solution.

The campaign setup
For the creation of unlimited digital Coupons, Branson Saver used the advanced Coupon Builder. Branson Saver would either provide partners with their own subaccount or create the coupons for partners themselves.

To distribute the Coupons, Branson Saver was thinking about launching a city app. Coupontools mentioned the Mobile Coupon Directory would be the perfect solution for that. The Mobile Coupon Directory is a user-friendly coupon catalog that holds unlimited digital coupons. Furthermore, it integrates perfectly with your existing app, website, or Facebook page. Since Branson Saver didn't have an app yet, they requested Coupontools to develop one for them.  Download the app below to experience the coupon app yourself.

Coupontools provides various basic and advanced validation methods going from password validation, QR-code validation to barcode integration for secure coupon validation. Merchants could easily set up the validation method that would work for them.

Finally, Branson Saver ends up with loads of actionable statistics and customer data. This data is perfect to use in or fine-tune future campaigns.

Why this approach?
Branson Saver is the combined connection between merchants and citizens/tourists. Instead of businesses based in Branson promoting their deals separately, there now is a platform to distribute deals in one digital city app. This offers various advantages going from more reach and exposure to more conversions.

Branson Saver loved the Coupon Directory because of its simplicity. It was very user-friendly and to the point. Furthermore, it was very user-friendly for the end-user. They can search for, browse through, and even favorite digital coupons.

The Campaign Summary:

  • Digital Coupon App for City
  • Mobile Coupon Directory integration
  • Merchants with subaccounts
  • Coupons distributed through the directory
    • On Facebook, website, app-store
  • Secure validation
  • Actionable statistics


The campaign resulted in:

  • More customer data
  • More city/store traffic
  • More sales / conversions

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Download the app:

branson saver - coupon app use case imagebranson saver - coupon app use case image
branson saver - coupon app use case imagebranson saver - coupon app use case image

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