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Use Case: Landingpage & Campaign

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Accor Hotels Brazil, a renowned chain of hotels, aimed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through a strategic digital campaign. To achieve this goal, they collaborated with Coupontools, a leading platform for creating and managing coupon-based campaigns.

The campaign aimed to provide customers with enticing offers, encourage repeat visits, and capture valuable customer data for future marketing efforts. Campaign Approach: Accor Hotels Brazil leveraged Coupontools to design and implement a highly effective coupon-based campaign.

Campaign Flow: Accor Hotels Brazil created personalized regular coupons using Coupontools' platform. These coupons were uniquely generated and assigned to specific offers and benefits.

  • Validation Process: Customers who received these regular coupons through a Coupontools landing page were directed to a validation page after clicking on the coupon link. To ensure coupon validity, a one-time validation password was required for redemption. This approach guaranteed that each coupon could only be redeemed once. The landing page gave Accor more information, such as departure dates and the guest home.
  • Location-specific Validation: Accor Hotels Brazil used different validation passwords for each hotel location. This enabled them to track the number of redemptions and validate the coupon's usage at each distinct hotel. They successfully implemented this approach across all 300 locations in Brazil.
  • Coupon Value: The coupons offered a value of one drink for the number of people in the room. 
  • Start Date: The start date of the coupon coincided with the check-in date of the guests. 
  • End Date: The end date of the coupon aligned with the check-out date of the guests.
  • Custom API Adjustments: Through custom API adjustments, Accor Hotels Brazil seamlessly retrieved and managed this valuable information, enhancing the campaign's efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Single-Use Guarantee: With the validation process in place, customers could not reuse the same coupon after redemption, preventing misuse and ensuring fairness. 


Campaign Summary:
The collaboration between Accor Hotels Brazil and Coupontools yielded impressive results. Accor Hotels Brazil's digital coupons were tailored to the campaign's objectives and featured in two languages to cater to a diverse customer base.

Data Capture: Requiring users to provide contact details before accessing the coupon ensured accurate and valuable customer data collection.
Secure Validation: Unique validation passwords for each hotel location enabled secure coupon redemption and provided insights into the popularity of each venue.

Accor's campaign, powered by Coupontools and enhanced by custom API adjustments, led to increased bookings, engaged customers, and stronger brand loyalty.

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