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Use Case: Spinwheel Coupon Campaign

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For its fourth edition, Hagenlandse 101 sought an innovative way to engage participants and reward them for signing up early. Through a spinwheel, 101 prizes were distributed, ranging from drink coupons to gift certificates from AS Adventure. This use case describes how Hagenlandse 101, using Zapier, Gmail, and Coupontools, rewarded the first 150 registrants with unique spinwheel coupons, with no validation and a set number of winners.


Hagenlandse 101 wanted to increase the excitement and engagement of participants and reward them with exciting prizes. They wanted to use an innovative and engaging approach to achieve this goal.

Hagenlandse 101 set up a clever campaign with the following elements:
Spinwheel Coupon: The first 150 registrants received a unique Spinwheel coupon via email that they could play online to win prizes.
No Validation: Prizes were sent directly to winners by mail with no validation.
Zapier Connection: Hagenlandse 101 used Zapier to set up an efficient system. Zapier automatically generated a single-use coupon URL for each purchase and sent emails to participants with Gmail as the email provider used.
Coupontools for Design: Coupontools, an expert in coupon design, helped create attractive and personalized coupons that appealed to participants.
Fixed Number of Winners: The number of prizes was predetermined, ensuring a fair distribution of winners.

The Hagenlandse 101 Spinwheel coupon campaign was a great success:
High Participation: The promise of unique spinwheel coupons motivated participants to register quickly.
Excitement: Participants anxiously awaited their prizes.
Efficiency: Thanks to Zapier, the process was streamlined and emails with the unique coupon URLs were delivered efficiently.
Attractive Design: Coupontools' expertise in coupon design provided attractive coupons that appealed to participants.
Fair Price Allocation: 101 prices set in advance ensured transparency.

Hagenlandse 101's fourth edition was a success with its innovative Spinwheel coupon campaign. Supported by Zapier, Gmail, and Coupontools, the campaign exceeded expectations by increasing participant engagement and generating excitement. This case demonstrates how clever use of technology and attractive coupon design can lead to a successful and engaging campaign that gets attendees excited about the event.

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