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Use Case: Djeans Jeans Store

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Presenting you with another one of our success stories, Djeans, wanted to create a gamified coupon app for rewarding customers who make purchases higher than 25 Euros. The renowned shop is famous for selling clothes for men and women and is located in Belgium.

Coupontools designed an intuitive experience for consumers to win discount coupons and vouchers which are distributed by means of a QR code. Once the QR-code is scanned, the customer receives the coupon on his/her smart phone so he/she can play the scratch & win game for receiving attractive discounts.

No software installation is required for the validation stamp since it works by a specific physical validation system. The shop keeper uses a physical stamp for validating the coupon, making the entire experience a glitch-free process for both. the vendor and the consumers.

Thanks to our high-tech digital and innovative stamp validation process, businesses can offer secure and location-based coupons to trigger more sales and increase profits. We also provide complete access to all statistics (opens, plays, and validations) so that the brand can review all information through an intuitive dashboard.

What’s great about our Physical Validation Stamps?

  • No need to install any software
  • Operates on all smartphones with a multi-touch touchscreen
  • Secure and location-specific service
  • Easy and quick to use

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