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Use Case: Digital Coupons for Loyalty

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Taco Bell is a native American Fast-food restaurant chain with restaurants worldwide. The Kuwaiti Taco Bells were interested in a Loyalty program combined with Coupon rewards.

Campaign setup

  1. Loyalty Part

The first step of the process was the design of the Loyalty Card. Taco Bell required a digital stamp loyalty card. It only required 4 stamps for a full Loyalty Card. At both 2 and 4 stamps, people could unlock a reward coupon. 

Taco Bell had visitors register themselves through various QR codes promoted in the restaurant. 

To assign stamps to the card, Taco Bell scanned the card's QR code, entered the customer's unique code on their device, and assigned the correct number of stamps. Every participating Taco Bell restaurant had a unique Merchant's login to track which location issued most stamps.

  1. Coupon Part

As mentioned above, people would unlock a reward coupon at 2 and 4 stamps. At 2 stamps, the coupon would be valid for Free Mucho Nachos. The final reward for a full card was valid for a free meal of choice.

The coupon immediately opened at the validation page to directly redeem the coupon and claim the reward. To guarantee single-use coupons only, the cashier had to enter a validation password. Taco Bell used a different password for every unique location to keep track of the validations per location. Once validated, people couldn't use that coupon again.

The entire campaign (Loyalty and Coupons combined) capture a lot of customer data and provided actionable statistics to finetune future digital campaigns.

Campaign Approach
Taco Bell wanted to gather customer data and boost its customer loyalty. A Loyalty program with coupon rewards was a perfect solution to do so. People could only receive a reward if they visited the restaurant multiple times. 

Campaign summary:

  • Digital loyalty card
    • Stamps
  • QR code distribution
    • User registration
  • Assign stamps via validation widget
  • Coupon
    • Solely validation page
    • Validation 
    • Unique validation password
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