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Use Case: Thomson Reuters

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Thomson Reuters Corporation is a multinational mass media and information firm. Its shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. Thomson Reuters DT Tax and Accounting used Coupontools at their “Synergy Canada” event, an annual event aimed at tax and accounting professionals who use Thomson Reuters products in their firms. There were approximately 175 attendees in 2016.

In the 2016 event, they introduced a contest where users can scan a code using the Zappar app and then they were redirected to a Coupontools scratch & win coupon. Zappar is an augmented reality app that creates entertainment experiences. Attendees obviously needed to have a smartphone or tablet, download the Zappar app and scan the “Zaps” that were available in 5 locations found around the event. Attendees could scan and play 5 times, once for each of the Zaps that were found throughout the conference event.

Once attendees scanned, they could select English or French. Once they had chosen their language, they could scratch/swipe the 3 on-screen cards. Winning entries would reveal 3 kinesis symbols, those who did not win would have 2 kinesis symbols on the left and right with the center card showing a grey colour. They could only scan and scratch once per Zappar code.

All winners were told what they won instantly. If they won, they would need to click on “Proceed” and enter their name and email address. A sales representative contacted them with information on collecting their prize in the next 3 business days. The information from the winners was stored in a database that is available to Marketing.

Below is an image is taken from one of the panels of the name badges attendees received.

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