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Use Case: Hotel Coupon Marketing

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Shangri-la hotels were looking for a way to add value to their services for their customers. They have hotel establishments in all continents serving customers all over the globe. To boost customer loyalty and enrich the customer experience, they had an idea of handing out vouchers and discounts to their customers.

Because Shangri-la hotels are active across the globe, Loyalty is essential for them. They want one-time customers to become regular customers. To offer customers more than just a stay, they actively look for ways to add value for their customers. 

Campaign setup
To make that happen, Shangri-la hotels reached out to Coupontools to enrich the customer experience with great and interactive coupons and vouchers.

Shangri created a lot of digital coupons promoting different hotel services for their customers. Those deals are going from massages to free usage of their wellness or all-you-can-eat menus. Shangri created and rebranded the Coupons themselves. Check the wonderful designs below in the gallery.

The Coupons and Vouchers are distributed through email to the customers. If customers want to use a Coupon or Voucher, they first need to enter their details in most cases. This way, the hotel generates a database of previous customers who already interacted with their discounts. This data is actionable for future digital marketing campaigns of the hotels.

For successful validation and thus single-use, Shangri-la hotels use the Coupontools validation widget. Merchant either scans the QR code displayed on the customer's phone and enters the password on the merchant's device or enters the validation password on the user's device for successful validation. Once a Coupon or Voucher gets validated, the guest can't use it anymore. 

The Shangri-hotels are delighted with the insights the digital campaigns reveal and the boost concerning customer loyalty. Their main goal is to offer the customers as much (unexpected) added value as possible on top of their luxury stay in the hotel. This way, they hope that the happy customers become loyal ones and consider their hotels whenever they're visiting another country.

Campaign summary:

  • Stimulate loyalty
  • Enrich customer experience
  • Added value for customers
  • Accessible coupon
  • Distribution through email
  • Secure validation
    • Single-use
    • QR-code + password
  • Insights and statistics
    • Customer data

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