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Use Case: Email Coupon Campaign

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Essilor is the global market leader of the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic eyeglasses. To reboot their sales and support their distribution points, the opticians, Essilor has worked out a Digital Coupon Email marketing campaign. Coupontools provided everything Essilor needed to successfully launch the Digital Coupon campaign. 

Campaign setup
First, Essilor informed their opticians about their initiative and asked whether they’d like to participate. The participating opticians receive an email with further instructions.

The opticians receive all the tools and content to distribute the Digital Coupon email marketing campaign through their existing clients. There’s also another requirement for the current clients to make the email audience. They need to have purchased an Essilor product within the last year.

The Coupon Email exists out of three separate Digital Coupons. All the Coupons have a different value and are used to promote different Essilor products.

Essilor created the Digital Coupons themselves using the Coupontools Digital Coupon Builder. Our support team only gave a bit of technical advice and reviewed their final Digital Coupons. The Digital Coupons were by default single-use to prevent fraud. The secure Coupon validation happens through a unique location validation password for every participating optician. This way, Essilor can quickly check which opticians were most popular and other crucial Coupon statistics.

The campaign turned out to be a success thanks to the clear instructions towards the opticians and the low participation threshold for the audience. Furthermore, a Digital discount Coupon always triggers the audience to take action.

Why this approach?
Essilor chose this overarching approach to give their distributors, the opticians a helping hand in generating footfall to their stores during these difficult times. Essilor took care of the entire campaign and gave clear instructions to the participating opticians. This way, Essilor already did most of the work. The opticians mainly had to assure that the campaign would reach the proper audience.

Campaign summary

  • 3 different digital Coupons created using the Coupontools Digital Coupon builder
  • Benefit from your existing customer database
  • Distribution through email with Digital Coupons embedded
  • Coupon Validation per secure location validation password
    • Easy to track validations for every participating store
  • Collection of actionable statistics to finetune future digital marketing campaigns
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