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Use Case: Gamification in recruitment

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Synergie is a fast-growing staffing agency in the Benelux. Synergie wanted to work with ' Gamification' to make the recruitment process a unique and more fun experience. This is one of the specialties of Coupontools.

How did it work?
After an initial consultation between the experts of Coupontools and the Synergie team, Coupontools suggested enriching the recruitment process with a digital scratch and win the card. We would then distribute this card via SMS to the job seeker.  The Coupontools team rolled out the campaign from A to Z, including designing the digital scratch card, importing the contact lists, and carefully sending the scratch card messages.

What was it like for the recipient?
The job seeker clicked on the scratch card URL in the message and had one chance to scratch the card. Then, as a prize, an employer emerged. If interested, the job seekers could enter their data. In this way, the employer would then contact those interested later.

What was special?
The power of SMS messages and digital scratch cards is that you get a clear overview of the interaction percentage. This way, Synergie had insight into how many people read the message, played along, and sought contact with the interim office. Those are vital insights for optimizing future recruitment campaigns. Thanks to a digital approach, it was clear that the new approach could count on more interaction than the traditional approach.


  • Digital scratch card
    • Design Coupontools
    • One-time use
    • Price = employer
  • Distribution
    • SMS
  • Statistics
    • Relevant data from job seekers
    • High delivery quality
    • Higher interaction rates compared to previous recruitment campaigns

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