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Use Case: Zain Bahrain - Gamification

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Zain is the leading telecommunications provider in Bahrain. The company offers mobile postpaid plans, prepaid plans, Internet plans, devices, mobile applications, roaming, and various other value-added tech-services. Coupontools and Zain Bahrain had already partnered up for some major and successful cases. This campaign was all about rewarding the existing customers because Bahrain’s National Soccer team won the West-Asian Cup. Congratulations!! The customers could win up to 7GB of mobile data with their gamified coupon

How did the campaign exactly work?
All the existing users of the Zain services, with a Zain Bahrain phone number were qualified for the promotion. They had to download the app and register themselves in the app. After that, they were able to claim the ‘Scratch & Win’ Coupon and try their luck. Some lucky people could win up to 7GB of mobile data but there were enough ‘consolation prizes’ for everyone who had their go. Every Bahraini won something.

Whenever they tried their luck, an API between the Coupontools database and the Zain database made sure only the Zain phone numbers were able to win the prize. Whenever the number was verified, the free mobile data was directly added to the players’ balance.

A beautiful gesture to honor the extraordinary performance of their national Soccer team and reward their loyal customers. A paragon of well-composed engagement, gamification, and loyalty campaign.


Campaign facts:

  • Scratch and Win Coupon was embedded in the existing app.
  • Every qualified user was entitled to one unique Scratch and Win Coupon.
  • The odds of winning the 7GB were predetermined. Every player wins a prize.
  • API between Coupontools’ database and Zains’ database made sure that all data matched.
  • Zain verified the phone numbers and immediately added the data to the clients’ balance.

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