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Use Case: Digital Coupon Catalog

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Backspiel is a family bakery with two branches, one in Karlstadt and one in Zellingen. To transit from paper coupons to digital coupons, they decided to launch a digital coupon catalog using the Coupontools software.

Campaign setup:
The digital coupon catalog and all 18 coupons in the catalog were created by the bakery using the Coupontools software. The Coupontools team assisted them with advice and assistance to ensure the best possible results throughout this process. The coupon catalog required a registration form before one could benefiting from the coupon catalog's digital coupons.

Backspiel promoted the digital coupon catalog using 2 methods:

On the one hand, through social media ads that immediately redirected to a landing page with further explanation of the registration process. The social media ads were shown to people who live near one of the bakeries. On the other hand, to approach the (older) customers, extensive coupon catalog promotion was also done in the store itself. In the bakery, people could scan the QR code and receive a flyer with instructions This flyer contained the QR code and URL to the landing page. This ensured that even the older people, less familiar with QR codes, could participate.

After registering, people could immediately take advantage of all the deals in this coupon catalog. They could open the coupons on the smartphone or computer. Each coupon could then be printed or displayed at the checkout on the smartphone.

Upon redemption, all coupons were validated so that one could use them only once. The validation works like this: The QR code that the customer showed on the smartphone or the printed coupon was carefully scanned using a validation app. This validation app was designed by Backspiel so that it met all their needs. Once validated, the coupon became unusable.

Finally, the bakery was able to analyze all the acquired data in statistics carefully. It gave insight into the total coupon usage but also the coupon usage per customer—vital insights to further personalize the future approach.

Why this approach?
Backspiel preferred a coupon catalog. That way, Backspiel can offer many coupons at once. Thanks to the directory, they only need to promote the entire catalog instead of each deal separately. Furthermore, a digital approach is easier to collect and start using customer data. Moreover, it was also perfect to say goodbye to their paper coupons and thus stop using paper and reduce printing costs. Furthermore, a digital coupon catalog is ideal for quickly publishing new deals or removing old ones.


  • Digital Coupon Catalog
    • Many coupons in one catalog
  • Registration required
    • Customer data
  • Distribution
    • Social media ads
    • In-store promotion
      • Both to the same landing page
  • Validation
    • One-time use
    • QR code validation
    • For digital and paper
  • Statistics
    • Customer data
    • Insight in coupon usage
      • Global
      • Customer-specific

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