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Use Case: Dalle Valle App

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DalleValle is a famous restaurant chain in Denmark. Since the foundation of Dalle Valle café in 2012 in the heart of Copenhagen, they’ve opened a whopping 14 other cafes in Denmark.

DalleValle was mainly interested in the creation of a new and better performing application. So this is exactly what Coupontools did. Coupontools sat together with the stakeholders of DalleValle, spoke about their needs and finally developed the app DalleValle was looking for.

One of the reasons the DalleValle Restaurant group was interested in the creation of a new application was because the existing one wasn’t performing well enough. A second requirement of the Dalle Valle restaurant group was: the app should be functioning on both IOS and Android. Their last demand and, probably the reason they turned to us for the creation of the application, was the fact that they wanted a special mobile coupon directory integrated in their own application.

The mobile coupon directory and the DalleValle app in general had one specific target. DalleValle wanted to boost their customers loyalty by offering the customers extra, targeted coupons through the app.

Special features about this campaign:

  • Integration of a mobile coupon directory in the DalleValle app
  • The app functions on both IOS and Android
  • The app is easy to use. The new app performs better than the previous one.


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