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Nowadays, in a competitive market, it is very important to create customer loyalty and increase customer engagement with your business. With all the options offered by Coupontools' software and dashboard, it's an ideal tool that helps you do all these things. 


Increase customer engagement

By using Coupontools, companies can create personalized promotional campaigns, send push notifications and much more. This ensures that companies can communicate with their customers in an optimal way and also engage them with a variety of offers.


Creating customer loyalty

Coupontools allows companies to create customized loyalty programs. With this software created by Xtreme Internet Solutions, companies can create, for example, stamp cards, exclusive discounts or reward points for their customers.

This makes it possible for companies to build loyalty and also reward their customers for their purchases.


The opportunity for integration

In addition, the software offers the ability to be integrated within systems and processes. Companies using Coupontools can integrate the software into their POS system, for example. Because of the flexible integration and user-friendly interface/linking, companies can take advantage of the benefits Coupontools offers.


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Coupontools Dashboard

Thanks to Coupontools' dashboard, companies can use an overview of their loyalty and engagement activities. Here companies can access customer data, current campaigns and much more. This overview is meant to provide an insight into the company's performance as well as the ability to track current strategies.



Real-time statistics

By using Coupontools, businesses can take advantage of the dashboard where they get visibility into information and data about their campaigns and customers.

This data can be, for example, the amount of coupons used, but also the number of conversions that have happened. These up-to-date statistics allow the company to adjust their strategy and also respond to possible changed situations.


In addition, companies can build strong relationships and achieve a competitive advantage through Coupontools' dashboard. This is obviously very important for growth and success within your business.

So these are all kinds of benefits that businesses can enjoy and much more.


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Loyalty & Engagement Software
Loyalty & Engagement Software
Loyalty & Engagement Software
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