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Use Case: Secure Birthday Coupons

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Mobile Guest and Jungle Jim's, secure birthday coupons

Mobile Guest is a digital agency situated in Canada. They serve 100+ clients in all kinds of industries. However, for this case, we’re going to talk about a restaurant chain that’s a client of theirs. The Jungle Jim’s restaurant hosts 26 locations in Canada. Mobile Guest stumbled on a significant issue in one of their digital campaigns. Let’s have a look at how Coupontools was able to help them out.

The issue Mobile Guest and Jungle Jim’s encountered was coupon fraud. Traditionally, all registered clients received an email with a birthday coupon embedded. However, this wasn’t a digital coupon yet. The recipients could easily show the mail at multiple locations and thus receive the gift numerous times. This wasn’t according to their plan, and since it was harming their restaurant's turnover, they had to find a way to tackle the issue. Since Mobile Guest was running this campaign for them, they started looking for a solution. A close partner of Mobile Guest mentioned that Coupontools would be the perfect solution to counter the coupon abuse. He turned out to be right.

The Coupontools platform has everything in store to ensure digital, fraud-proof campaigns. Mobile Guest started to create their digital regular birthday coupons. For distribution, the agency had something in mind with integrated QR Codes sent out through Mailchimp. To even improve the security, Mobile Guest insisted on using Unique Access URL’s. A recipient can only open the coupon on 1 device. If shared with friends, it remains unlocked, because it’s already assigned to a user. Since this wasn’t the perfect solution, (recipient opens on desktop but tries to redeem on the phone), Coupontools and Mobile Guest had to work around it and set up a custom API connection.

The validation process didn’t need any custom changes. Mobile Guest wanted to work with our in-house validation app. They bought tablets for all the locations, entered all 26 restaurants as a redeem location, and assigned all restaurant venues a unique validation password. In the end, Jungle Jim’s has an accurate overview of which location issued the most birthday gifts. Perfect for splitting the bill among the restaurants.

Why this approach?
Since Jungle Jim’s had suspicion of massive coupon abuse, Mobile Guest, the responsible agency, got to its bottom. 15$ dollar is a beautiful gift. However, if you use it up to numerous different locations, that’s a severe compounding loss for any restaurant. Their concerns were confirmed. Using the Coupontools Single-use coupons, the cost of the birthday gift meal dramatically decreased.

Campaign summary:

  • Regular digital coupon created using the advanced coupon builder.
  • Automatic distribution through Mailchimp
  • (Custom) API to automate the flow
  • Single-use. Once validated, it can’t be redeemed any more.
  • Secure validation with unique passwords per location
    • In-house validation app for coupon validation
  • Insights per location

Campaign resulted in

  • More customer data
  • More, valid redemptions
  • Less fraud
  • Accurate campaign overview
  • Automated process
  • Overview of ROI
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