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Use Case: Zain Bahrain - Custom game

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Being a leading telecommunications provider in Bahrain, Zain Bahrain provides a wide variety of offers related to mobile prepaid and postpaid plans. Not only that, but the company is also famous for its multiple value-added services, giving Zain Bahrain an edge over its rivals to dominate the telecom industry.

Our expert team at Coupontools created an engaging mobile experience for the company’s users. Consumers use the Zain App to make a bill payment, subscribe to a data add-on, and benefit from a gamified coupon to win amazing prizes. Users get 3 chances to match an image and win exciting prizes. The innovative mobile marketing software offered by Coupontools allowed Zain Bahrain to reward their existing customers with exciting prizes and attract new users.

With the digital gamified coupons, Zain Bahrain successfully added more fun and engagement to their marketing campaigns. Not only did users receive valuable gift items and add-on services through the gamified coupons, but Zain Bahrain was also able to strengthen customer loyalty and brand visibility. The brand enjoyed higher conversion rates and encouraged users to try out their luck by attempting the coupon. The campaign resulted in very high conversion ratios and helped the brand attain its marketing goals.

Some of the best features that made this campaign brilliant include the following:

  • Custom mobile game development
  • Benefit from a gamified coupon to win amazing prizes
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Fun and engaging marketing campaigns

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