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Restaurant Marketing

Ressources and strategies concerning digital restaurant marketing

Mar 23, 2021
White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency

Why white label digital coupon software is a must-have for any restaurant or restaurant marketing agency

Kenny Vandewinkel
Mar 04, 2021
Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing

How can scratch off cards help and benefit your restaurant?

Kenny Vandewinkel
Mar 03, 2021
Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants

How to launch effective digital coupon marketing campaigns for your restaurant

Kenny Vandewinkel
Feb 03, 2021
Digital Restaurant Marketing Software by Coupontools

Digital Restaurant Promotion Management Software to revolutionize your digital marketing

Jordy Aengeveld
Oct 06, 2020
Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants

How to guarantee mobile marketing campaigns respecting the covid-19 measures

Jordy Aengeveld
Aug 19, 2020
Mobile Coupon Directory for your restaurant

Advantages of a mobile coupon book for restaurants

Jordy Aengeveld
Aug 13, 2020
Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants

Digital coupon marketing for restaurants

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 25, 2020
Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants

Digital reimbursement vouchers turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 24, 2020
3 ways to generate restaurant visits with Mobile Marketing

Digital marketing turns visitors and passers-by into customers.

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 18, 2020
4 issues every restaurant comes across

Learn more about the matter and how to counter those issues!

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 18, 2020
Improve the customer's experience in your restaurant

The customer experience in restaurants shouldn't be overlooked

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 18, 2020
How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.

Digital customer loyalty programs help you reward customers who actually deserve it.

Jordy Aengeveld
Mar 31, 2020
Tips for restaurants to boost turnover during and after the corona lock-down

Implement digital marketing and reinvent your restaurant during difficult times

Jordy Aengeveld
Jul 19, 2019
Digital Customer Care to assure loyalty

Digital Customer care is gaining in importance everyday.

Jordy Aengeveld
May 26, 2015
Why do restaurants need to host a free Wi-Fi hotspot?

does your Wi-Fi allow you to build a marketing database to send out offers to your customers over and over?

Tom Hendrix

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