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White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency

Enrich your restaurant marketing agency with digital coupon software  

Using digital coupon software is an absolute must for restaurants and restaurant agencies. When you don't use white label digital coupon software, you will miss some important opportunities to reach and trigger your audience. No worries, Coupontools provides you the most extensive white label digital coupon software on the market and is your partner along the road. What is Coupontools and why is it essential for your restaurant marketing agency, and how can your business benefit from implementing digital coupons in your mobile marketing? You will know it after reading this article. 

What is Coupontools?
Coupontools is a white label digital coupon software for digital coupon, gamified coupon, voucher, and loyalty card creation, distribution, and validation. We strive to be your one-stop solution that simplifies the entire coupon process from creation to validation. Coupontools bridges the mobile marketing gap between business and customer.

Why Coupontools for restaurant marketing agencies?
The Coupontools software is built especially for agencies. You can easily white label the Coupontools platform and resell it to your customers under your branding.  This digital coupon software is very polyvalent. It allows you or your clients to create digital coupons such as scratch cards, spin wheels, slot machines, memory game coupons, vouchers, and coupon directories. This is interesting for digital restaurant marketing agencies because it takes your current services to a higher level.

Advantages for restaurants and restaurant agencies

  • Generate more traffic
    With our coupons, you can generate more traffic towards your restaurant. An interactive (gamified coupon) is a great example. Visitors interact with this coupon to win something such as a 10% immediate discount on their next visit. Visitors like to play games, especially when there is something to win. Make sure the prize is valuable enough so that customers think it's worth the effort of paying a visit.

    Digital Slot Machine Coupon attracts visitors to your restaurant.
  • Increase the customer experience
    Our interactive digital gamified coupons provide unique experiences to your customers.  There are various methods to do so. For example, try to entertain the customers that are waiting in your restaurants. Provide them a gamified coupon and the chance to win something. Compared to the strategy mentioned above to bring more traffic, this prize can be less valuable because those are already in your restaurant. People are likely to redeem the slightest discount. Perfect to raise the money spent value per visit.

  • Improve brand awareness
    With an interactive coupon, the restaurant can increase its brand awareness. When people experience something outstanding, they will spread the word, and you will improve your brand awareness just by adding a piece of gamification. Furthermore, those digital campaigns can be completely rebranded to the restaurant's look and feel. Upload your logo, customize the layout and alter the texts and prizes.

  • Boost sales
    While spreading tempting digital coupons, the restaurant's sales will increase. The restaurant can do this in various ways. Bringing more traffic or raising the money spent value per visit will do the trick.

  • Capture customer data
    The digital campaigns designed with Coupontools provide restaurants the opportunity to kickstart an own customer database. You can easily add data capture forms to your coupons, vouchers, or require user registration for your coupon directory. In this way, you can effortlessly capture customer data. Furthermore, this is data of people who already interacted with your offers. This is way more valuable than using a rented audience.

  • Gamification
    Let's be honest, who doesn't love a little game so now and then. Gamification can be very effective and beneficial. For example, when the customers experience something exciting, they will spread the word, and the restaurant will generate more exposure and brand awareness. Furthermore, gamification responds to people's competitiveness. If they're lucky to win something, they're determined to redeem it as well.

  • Secure
    One of our core values is that our digital campaigns are fraud-proof. Your digital coupons are secure and single-use thanks to our various validation methods. Click on the image below for more information!

    White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency

  • Reach your audience on every channel
    With our software, you can reach your audience on every channel you like. Effortlessly spread your digital campaigns through email, SMS, social media, your website, app,..

  • Built for agencies - white labelWhite label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency
    Our digital coupon software is built for agencies. Your restaurant marketing agency can create campaigns for restaurants, or you can resell our software to restaurants under the restaurant agencies' branding. You can invite the restaurants to let them create their campaigns. Another functionality is that you can white-label your entire platform with our software. You can even set up your own pricing rates!

  • Mobile Coupon Directory
    With our Mobile Coupon Directory, you can collect all your campaigns in one app. You can easily add or delete existing campaigns. One of the major advantages is that you only have to advertise one coupon directory instead of all the deals separately. People will also know where to look for the latest deals.

  • Statistics
    Digital coupons offer exciting insights for a restaurant. Digital coupons enable restaurants to collect complete and accurate information about the customer and the interaction with the digital campaigns. The statistics give live reports about the distributed campaigns. The restaurant can monitor mobile marketing campaigns in real-time. 


Which campaign types can you create with Coupontools?

You can resell our coupons to restaurants. We offer you different kinds of coupons. They all have the same purpose: add gamification. The restaurant adds a game, and visitors love to play a game, especially when there is something to win. Think about prizes like a 5% immediate discount or a 5% discount on the next visit. This can help and generate more traffic towards a restaurant. Underneath, you find the campaigns we offer. 


As you can see, there are many reasons why your restaurant marketing agency should consider the Coupontools software. Coupontools provides agencies software to create, distribute and validate digital coupons, gamified coupons, vouchers, and coupon directories, the possibility to rebrand and resell it to your restaurant clients. It is a win-win situation for your agency and the restaurants your serving! 

Are you curious about what Coupontools has in-store your restaurant marketing agency? Create a free trial account today and discover the endless possibilities. 

Do you want to discuss the possibilities? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency
White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency
White label digital coupon software to enrich your restaurant or restaurant marketing agency
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