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How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants. How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.

Returning customers are vital to any restaurant. But how do you turn visitors into returning customers? First, you think through a strategy and create your game plan. But what’s next? A digital loyalty system that assists you to roll out your restaurant’s digital loyalty campaign easily.

The first and logical step in the process is the creation of your digital Loyalty Card. An experienced technological partner is what you’re looking for. The technological partner has a powerful software tool by which you can easily create the digital Loyalty card you prefer. Keep in mind that there are different types of Loyalty cards. You have stamp cards, point cards, reward cards,… Most of these have slightly different features. 
At Coupontools, the software allows you to fully customize our digital loyalty card templates to your preference's digital loyalty cards. Coupontools has 3 types of digital loyalty cards available:

Stamp Card & Point Card
Unlocks reward at every stage. Card resets when the final reward is reached.

​​​​Reward Card
Customers choose to unlock a reward.

  • Yes? Points are deducted from the balance.
  • No? Points are saved for higher reward. 


When you created your first digital loyalty card, it’s time to launch! There are multiple efficient ways to distribute your Loyalty Card. Select the one that fits your business’ goals or the one you prefer. E.g., If you already have an existing customer database, which might include emails, phone numbers,... It’s straightforward you should benefit from it. But there are still a few ways how you can complement the efforts online with efforts offline.


  • Email: embed the Loyalty Card in an email
  • SMS: embed the Loyalty Card in your SMS.
  • Website: Digital Loyalty Cards integrated seamlessly into your website.
  • Social Media: Share your Digital Loyalty Card through Social Media


  • Set up 'table tents' with a QR Code or NFC tag. This way, interested customers can easily subscribe.

Once the Loyalty Cards are distributed, users have to register themselves to become part of the ‘club.’ Let users register themselves through social login (Facebook or Google) or enter an email address with a password. 

You’re in charge of when and how many stamps or points the cardholders receive. To assign points or stamps, there are multiple approaches. Choose one approach when creating your Loyalty Card. That’s where you set up the validation password and/or unique code.

  • On user's device (validation password)
    • The merchant enters the validation password on the cardholder's device to assign points.
  • Enter unique code @ merchant's device
    • Merchant logs in to the validation widget. For validation, the merchant enters the unique code that's displayed on the cardholder's Loyalty Card.
  • Scan QR Code for validation
    • Merchants scan the QR Code displayed on the cardholder's device. It's possible with or without a validation password. It depends on what you have set up while creating the loyalty card in the first step.

Thanks to the Loyalty Card, you’re collecting a lot of valuable customer data and statistics. A Loyalty Card solution is a great tool to learn more about your most loyal customers. You’ll extract data such as customer email addresses and phone numbers. But also insights into which location has the most loyal customers.

A Digital Loyalty Solution brings a lot of advantages. It stimulates repeat visits; it's easy to maintain customer relationships, always with the customers, opens up possibilities to reach your audience, rewards the right customer, and extracts a lot of valuable insights. In short, a Loyalty Card is a must-have for every restaurant.

How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.
How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.
How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.
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