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Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing

How can scratch off cards help and benefit your restaurant?

What are scratch off cards?

Scratch off cards are cards you can scratch to win something. People like to play a game and win something. This need can be useful for lots of restaurants. Par example, a restaurant can make scratch off cards to give the people a discount for the next visit to your restaurant. This action will help your restaurant to retain visitors.

The benefits of scratch off cards for restaurants

  • Raise engagement
    When you allow visitors to play a game, your engagement will improve significantly. Visitors and just everyone in general likes to play a game to win something. People are always excited when there is something to win. Your restaurant can benefit from this. You can let the visitors play a game while they are waiting for their food and drinks. Nobody likes to wait, especially when there is nothing else to do apart from waiting. When you allow your visitors to play a game, they will remember that, and they will have lots of fun. Your visitors will hopefully tell their experience about your restaurant to their friends and family. Maybe they will come over and try it themselves.

  • Add brand visibility
    You can implement the logo, images, and the entire branding for your restaurant in the digital scratch off cards. This action will help you and gain brand visibility.

    Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
  • Offer experiences
    Today, everything is about the experience. Think about this when you are in a restaurant. Let the visitors experience something that they can't experience elsewhere. Coupontools can help you with improving the customer experience. Just let the visitors play a game while waiting for dinner and let them experience something quite special. This small thing will enhance your customer experience and sales.

  • Boost traffic to your restaurant
    When you let the customers experience something quite special, they will tell this to other people. They will spread the word about your restaurant. In this way, you will receive a traffic boost. More people will come over, and your sales and traffic will improve.

  • Stimulate (impulsive) conversions
    When you let the visitors win something with the scratch coupon, you can easily stimulate impulsive conversions. When customers win something, they will maybe drink something to celebrate that they've won something. This is an example of an impulsive conversion the visitors will make.

  • Capture customer data
    When you give the scratch off card to the visitor, it is essential to let them fill in their personal data. Require a social login such as Facebook or Instagram. If you don't fill it in, you can't play the game. It needs to be a win-win situation for both the customer and the restaurant. 

  • No fraud through prize limitations and validation methodsDigital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
    Coupontools can make sure that there will be no fraud when you let the visitors play this game. We provide your restaurant with prize limitations and validation methods. Your restaurant can set up prize limitations so that prizes can only be won once. This prize limitation can be useful to do for the main price the visitors can win. You can customize the prize limitations yourself. Your restaurant can make it possible to let the visitors win a price multiple times. This prize limitation can be excellent to do with small prices like a 5% discount on your restaurant's next visit. Also, we provide you with 5 validation methods. More info about this here


Examples of how you can use Coupontools in your restaurant

  • Allow visitors to scratch a coupon while waiting for dinner
    While you are making dinner, your visitors need to wait. Nobody likes to wait, especially when they can't do something in the meantime. Give your visitors a scratch off coupon, and let them win something. You can link the prizes to your restaurant, including a 10% discount on your restaurant's next visit or purchase. The next purchase can be the same day; this will stimulate impulsive conversions. Customers will think if I order something right now, I get a discount. In this way, people are more likely to return to your restaurant.

  • Integrate coupons in your  Wi-Fi network
    Make the Wi-Fi in your restaurant free to use. Offer a scratch & win coupon through Wi-Fi. Let the people know that if they access the Wi-Fi, there will be a scratch off coupon in which they can win something. You can do this through Wi-Fi. This action will reduce the print costs of the coupons. When they want to claim the coupon, you should ask them to fill in some personal data. It doesn't need to be a lot of personal data, par example, only the e-mail address or the e-mail address and name. 

  • QR-code
    Your restaurant can implement and distribute QR code in various ways. Put a QR-code on the beginning or final page of the menu. Visitors will wonder what this is about and they will be redirected to a page once you put the right URL link. When they are redirected to this page, a coupon will appear with your personalized text like: 'scratch the coupon and win a prize'. 


  • NFC
    NFC(Near Field Communication) is convenient to help customers to redirect them to the specific web page. Par example, a poster.


  • Mobile Marketing Kiosk
    A Mobile Marketing Kiosk is mainly used to capture customer data. The waiter will bring a tablet to the customers. Customers then need to fill in their e-mail and phone number to receive a discount. There are 2 ways that you can send the discounts to the customer: through e-mail and SMS.


There are lots of possibilities to integrate scratch off cards in your restaurant. You can entertain and engage the customers while they are waiting for their dinner. This entertaining moment will improve the customer experience for your restaurant. Visitors will tell their friends and family, and maybe they will come and check it out. For more information about digital scratch card coupons, visit this page.

Do you want to implement digital scratch cards in your restaurant? Don't hesitate and contact us!

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Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
Digital scratch cards to gamify restaurant marketing
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