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Improve the customer's experience in your restaurant Improve the customer's experience in your restaurant

Attracting customers to your restaurant is the first problem restaurant keepers face. A second problem mostly is the fact the customer only pays one visit.  If customers are finding their way to your restaurant, you have to make sure they’ve witnessed an unforgettable experience to trigger repeat visits.

  1. Gamify experiences

Guests always have to wait for their dishes to arrive. A restaurant keeper should take advantage of that spare time and offer digital experiences to the waiting customers. Offer gamified coupons or let them subscribe to your loyalty program. I’ve listed a few tools on how you can easily distribute your digital campaigns to waiting guests.

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  • NFC / QR Code 

Easily offer digital Spin Wheels, Scratch & Wins to your audience through NFC. You simply add the campaign URL to the NFC tags. Next, you display the NFC tag or sticker on the table so users can interact with it. If users interact, the Spin Wheel or Scratch & Win Coupon opens in the browser. Make sure they win a little discount to stimulate the customer to make another purchase.

  1. Customer scans QR Code and a Digital Coupon automatically opens on the smartphone.
  • Mobile marketing kiosk 

Set up a tablet on every table. While waiting on their dishes, users enter their phone number or email address to send their latest discount Coupons to themselves. This way, you’re not just handing out discounts but you also capture relevant customer data to use in future campaigns.

  1. Mobile Marketing Kiosk with phone number opt-in to send Digital Coupons to your smartphone.
  • Free wifi 

Many restaurant visitors pick a restaurant on the free availability of WiFi. If you’re offering free wifi, here’s how you can take your effort to the next level.  Add a Digital Gamified Coupon (Spin Wheel, Scratch to Win, or Memory Game) to your wifi network’s router. When a visitor connects with your restaurant’s wifi network, he’s immediately directed to your Digital gamified Coupon. Furthermore, a game always triggers interaction so there’s a great chance your guest will actually play the gamified Coupon.

Smartphone connected with wifi network automatically opens Digital Coupon.

  1. A special atmosphere 

This is something that really shapes your businesses’ image. A restaurant isn’t a room with tables and chairs where food is served. Is more than that. It always has been.  If you’re able to create a specific atmosphere within your restaurant, you’re doing great. The furniture, decorations, and staff have to radiate the same feeling.

  1. Alternative dishes

Those uncommon dishes (gluten-free, vegetarian,..) bring other people. First, you think ‘Oh, those are just a few’. ‘It doesn’t matter if those people don’t visit my restaurant. You should think twice though. The special meals probably won’t become your ‘best-selling dish’. You’re right. See it like this.

e.g. A group of 6 people is willing to eat at your restaurant. One of them has a special disease or intolerance (Gluten) and can’t eat regular food. The group of people probably won’t/can’t choose your place because that 1 person within their group can’t eat at your place. You’re not missing out on 1 customer, but in this case, you’ve missed 6.

Just make sure you offer some basic ‘special’ dishes to fulfill everyone’s wishes. It will assure you of missing out due to the lack of adapted foods.

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Improve the customer
Improve the customer
Improve the customer's experience in your restaurant
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