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Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants

Digital gamified discount coupons for Restaurants

  1. Gamified Coupons
    I'm sure you already heard about gamification. It's the art of adding game-elements in, for example, marketing initiatives. It is a popular tool to offer engaging digital experiences, interact with your audience, and stimulate impulsive purchases. Let's take a more in-depth look into how restaurants could benefit from it.
  2. Gamified Coupon Types
    At Coupontools, we have various gamified coupon types. Press on the coupon type to experience an example.Digital Spin Wheel, Scratch & Win, and Slot Machine Coupon.
  1. Why should you consider it?
  • Experience
    Nowadays, marketing is focusing on offering experiences to their audience. Experiences that stick into the visitor's minds. They're less likely to forget about the wonderful experiences they witnessed. Especially when it's a game, and there's something to win with it. A favorable position in the minds of your audience it's what's all about nowadays.
  • Easier to approach gen Z
    Digital gamified coupons address another audience than regular (digital) coupons. In particular, the younger generation Y and Z. It's a generation that has grown up with games. It's an audience that's hard to reach using the traditional communication methods but easy to interact with if you offer them experiences based on their interests. Games.
  • Conversion trigger
    Gamified Coupons are one of the best conversion stimulators. If you provide your audience with gamified coupons and win something with them, they're more likely to redeem a discount than whether you'd give it to them. If the player wins a prize through a gamified coupon, he's pumped up with the winner's feeling. If you make sure the discount is time-limited, the winner is 4 times more likely to redeem the discount coupon because he doesn't want to miss out on it. Yes, guys, FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing.
  1. Application towards restaurants (example campaigns)
    Yes, it all sounds great. But, how can I roll out such a campaign? Well, you have different campaign angles. For more information about the various distribution methods, I recommend you read this.

    Digital Slot Machine Coupon attracts visitors to your restaurant.
  • Bring people to your restaurant. 
    Distribute your digital gamified coupon through your favorite communication channel. Ensure the prize, the discount, is valuable enough; otherwise, it won't be a trigger for your audience to visit your restaurant.
    E.g., Free burger at your next meal.

    • Your app
    • Website
    • Social media
    • Email
    • SMS
  • Entertain people in your restaurant
    Take advantage of the time your guests have to wait in your restaurant. Provide a digital gamified coupon to everyone at the table to offer a fun experience while your guests are waiting. The prize doesn't have to be too valuable because they're already at your restaurant. In this case, you need to make sure it stimulates the next purchase.
    E.g., 10% OFF on the next round. Restaurant Marketing Platform example

    • Table tents
    • QR Codes
    • NFC
    • Wifi connection
    • Mobile Marketing Kiosk
    • Fixed tablet with gamified coupon on it

Adding gamification to your marketing initiatives opens a lot of doors. Gamification stimulates conversion growth, customer engagement and is the base for a long term relationship. People are looking for more than a service or good food. They expect experiences.

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Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants
Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants
Digital gamified discount coupons for restaurants
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