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Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
What is coupon marketing?

Coupon marketing is a marketing strategy that deals with consumer interest. With coupon marketing, you want to offer a discount in return to reach your objectives. Those objectives can be generating customer data, raise the customer's money spent value per visit or stimulate repeat visits. Coupon marketing also boosts the customer experience. With Coupontools, you can easily increase customer experience through many things like customer care and gamification…

Coupon marketing strategies that can benefit your restaurant
  • Gamification - Gamified CouponsDigital Wheel Of Fortune Coupon
    You can trigger conversions by adding gamification to your restaurant's marketing. Gamification is very powerful in improving impulsive purchases. Coupontools offers you 5 different gamification coupons: (click on the link to experience an example.)
  • Spin Wheel Coupon
  • Scratch & Win Coupon
  • Slot Machine
  • Memory Game
  • Match2Win

  • Customer care
    ​​​​Take care of your customers. This is essential in improving your restaurant’s purchases. When a customer files a complaint, he needs to be helped. When you succeed in helping this customer, you will build a better relationship with him. He will be more likely to return to your restaurant. An example of a complaint can be that the bill is not correct according to the customer. You’ll need to explain everything in detail, so the customer gets it. The worst thing you can do as a restaurant is ignoring the complaint of the customer. This will get the customer frustrated, and he will not likely return to your restaurant. Ensure he doesn’t get frustrated by offering him an alternative such as compensation for the wrong bill. A digital voucher for a free meal on the next visit really stimulates another visit of a customer that could be lost if you ignore it. Have a look at how KFC and Mcdonald's use Coupontools to optimize their customer care.
  • Timed coupons - Coupon Validation Availability Digital Coupon Features
    With timed coupons, you get in control of scheduling traffic to your restaurant. Par example, your restaurant is overbooked in the evening but isn’t during lunch. Using timed coupons, you can launch coupons that are only available during a specific time of the day. In this way, you can get more traffic to your restaurant at slower moments. For example, when your restaurant is full in the evening, it is possible to launch the coupon from 2-6 p.m. In this way, you can fill your tables easier during this period. This feature is on request! Get in touch with support.

  • Mobile coupon directory
    With the mobile coupon directory from Coupontools, you can collect all of your digital campaigns in one digital place. It is very convenient to have because your customers know exactly where to look for your latest deals. It’s very dynamic to add or delete digital campaigns. You can advertise one digital coupon directory instead of launching all the deals separately. It is user-friendly because you can categorize your offers within the directory.  Customers can find their way to your restaurant easily by displaying a full screen in the GPS. Furthermore, you can ask visitors to fill in their personal data to access the coupon directory. In this way, you can improve your future digital marketing campaigns. Data is key today. When you have customer data, you can easily distribute personalized deals to your customers. A mobile coupon directory is easily spreadable to your target audience. It integrates perfectly in your website, app, Facebook account... 
    Experience a live example of a Mobile Coupon Directory!
  • Digital Coupon while in restaurant
    Offer the customer a coupon while they are waiting for their dinner in your restaurant. In this way, you add a gamified coupon that improves the customer experience while they're waiting in your restaurant. Furthermore, providing coupons to customers in your restaurant helps you kickstart a customer database that you can use for future mobile marketing campaigns. That's why it is possible at Coupontools to require people to fill in their data in return for the coupon. Win-win, isn't it? Distributing Coupons in restaurants is also beneficial to boost the money spent value of customer's visits or to trigger another visit in the future.

    Boost money spent value on the current visit
    For a coupon, only valid on the current visit, the discount doesn't need to be too valuable because they're already there. A couple of dollars off on the next round will work.

    Trigger a second visit
    If you decide to trigger a second visit, the discount should be more valuable—for example, a free starter or dessert.

    How to distribute digital coupons in your restaurant?
    • QR-code
      Very nice tool to distribute digital coupons at the restaurant. Provide the visitors a QR code on a flyer or a table tent. Visitors can scan it and claim a discount for this visit on the next round of drinks. It helps restaurants to raise the money spent value of restaurant visitors. 
    • NFC
      NFC is becoming more and more popular since banks are using this technology. Same principle as a QR code, different technology. Attach the Coupon URL to your NFC tag, attach the tag to a flyer, poster, or table tent, and have people distribute a coupon to themselves.
    • Wifi marketing
      Free wifi has a lot to offer. First, it triggers visits, but it goes beyond that. Once they're in, trying to connect with the wifi, you can provide them a coupon. Add the Coupon URL to your router, and people are immediately redirected to your coupon once they're connected with your wifi.
      Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
  • Digital Coupon to bring traffic to the restaurant
    Digital coupons are one of the best ways to bring people to your restaurant. Easily add digital coupons to your website, social media channels, digital ads, emails, SMS,.. to spread your promotions and stimulate visits. Keep in mind that you need to excite people to take a step towards a visit. That's why you better offer a valuable discount because people need the motivation to make an effort.

    How to distribute digital coupons outside your restaurant?
    • Social media
      is an excellent tool to spread the word. You have the possibility to distribute this coupon through various marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram,.. and reach a large audience.

    • Email
      Very personal distribution methods and easy to embed your digital coupons in. The only thing is that you need to have a ready-to-use database to start from.

    • SMS
      Very personal distribution methods and to distribute coupons with. It is considered one of the most effective communication tools because of the enormous open rate. The only thing is that you need to have a ready-to-use database to start from.

    • Beacons
      The perfect tool to distribute coupons to people nearby your restaurant. Attach the Coupon URL to your beacon and set up a radius. People within that radius, with the Bluetooth on, will receive your digital coupon. If you provide a great deal, this is a massive trigger to visit your restaurant. 


Conclusion: Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants

With Coupontools, everything is easy and user-friendly. We offer multiple possibilities to integrate coupon marketing strategies in your restaurant. Your restaurant can benefit from these strategies. With these possibilities, you will always find a way to improve your sales or generate more visits.

Do you want more information about this particular subject? Then, don’t hesitate and contact us!

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Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
Digital coupon marketing strategies for restaurants
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