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Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants

Covid-19 proof coupon marketing campaigns for restaurants

Due to Covid-19, the way we do business and marketing is rapidly changing. The companies that are still actively using an old-fashioned approach are encouraged to go digital. Coupontools has your back and offers possibilities to launch digital campaigns respecting the social distance and other Covid-19 measures. I have listed our most relevant solutions regarding this situation. Let's go!

1.            Touchless solutions
Digital has many significant advantages. One of them is that a digital campaign is (can be) entirely touchless. Traditionally, people brought their paper coupons to the store and handed them to the cashier for redemption and validation. That's no longer necessary if you're using Coupontools for your Coupon efforts. Easily create digital coupons and deliver them to your audience. If the customers come to redeem the coupon, validation happens secure and touchless. It works like this: The customer shows the coupon redemption page on their smartphone to the cashier. For successful redemption, the cashier scans the QR code with their device or enters a unique validation code into the validation app. If the validation succeeded, a validation label appears on the redeem page of the coupon. Yep, it's that easy!

Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants

2.            Distance
One of the habits that definitely will be adopted is remaining a safe distance. Using the Coupontools digital coupons, a safe distance between cashier and customer is always guaranteed. The coupon redemption and validation happens from a safe distance using technology like QR codes or unique promo codes. This way, you create a safe environment for both employees and customers.

Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants

3.            Prevent total lockdown
Using the Coupontools software, you can create various digital campaigns: Digital Coupons, Gamified Coupons, Payment Vouchers, Gift Cards, and Coupon Directories. Coupons mainly focus on handing out discounts and generating traffic. Digital vouchers and gift cards have other relevant functionalities. Vouchers and gift cards concentrate on generating revenue in a short period without delivering the goods the moment itself. Digital gift cards open possibilities like generating revenue while your restaurant is closed or, even worse, in lockdown. Provide your audience the opportunity to support you by selling gift certificates that can be redeemed in the future. This way, you're guaranteed some revenue under challenging times.

4.            Schedule your traffic
Another exciting feature in the Covid-19 era is the coupon validation availability feature. It grants control regarding traffic to your restaurant. E.g., A restaurant has issues filling their tables in the afternoon but is packed every night. In this situation, you can launch coupons that are only available to redeem at certain times throughout the day. For this example, the restaurant owner will launch campaigns that focus on filling the tables at noon instead of bringing in more people. At times, your restaurant is already overcrowded. This feature is on request.

Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants

Bottom line:
It affects your business if you drop your marketing efforts due to Covid-19. You just have to be more strategic and creative. Transform a threat into something positive. With Coupontools, you're guaranteed to launch safe digital campaigns that respect the Covid-19 measures. Furthermore, you can be very selective and fill your tables at quiet moments. This way you can spread your traffic.

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Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants
Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants
Covid-19 proof Coupon Marketing Campaigns for restaurants
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