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Customer Loyalty

Articles, guidelines, and information on how to boost customer loyalty with mobile marketing.

Jan 18, 2024
Apple Wallet Passes

Apple Wallet Passes: How Enhances the Experience

Tom Hendrix
Jan 07, 2024
Best Loyalty Apps

Exploring the Best Loyalty Apps of 2024: Discover the Power of

Tom Hendrix
Jan 29, 2021
Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses

Learn how to benefit from Mobile Wallets as a business

Jordy Aengeveld
Oct 24, 2020
Wallet push notifications

Wallet push notifications for digital campaigns

Jordy Aengeveld
Sep 13, 2020
5 digital tools to collect customer data

Customer data collection methods in your coupon marketing strategy

Jordy Aengeveld
Jul 16, 2020
How to kickstart a digital customer loyalty app for restaurants.

Digital customer loyalty programs help you reward customers who actually deserve it.

Jordy Aengeveld
Jun 25, 2020
3 ways to generate restaurant visits with Mobile Marketing

Digital marketing turns visitors and passers-by into customers.

Jordy Aengeveld
Jan 27, 2020
Mobile Wallet Marketing to increase personalization

Why you should consider Mobile Wallet Coupon Marketing

Jordy Aengeveld
Oct 17, 2019
Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards

Digital Loyalty Cards, a gold mine for customer data

Jordy Aengeveld
Jul 24, 2019
Digital Customer Care to assure loyalty

Digital Customer care is gaining in importance everyday.

Jordy Aengeveld
Jul 24, 2019
Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration

Mobile wallet integrations give loyalty cards various new options!

Jordy Aengeveld
Dec 17, 2017
How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing for loyalty and couponing?

How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing with mobile coupons?

Tom Hendrix
Dec 07, 2017
How to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Loyalty and Coupon Marketing?

How to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Loyalty and Coupon Marketing?

Tom Hendrix

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