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Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants

Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants

Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for RestaurantsCustomer Complaints are something that really is unavoidable. It’s the way you handle them that’s crucial. Investing in a great complaint management section is the best solution for any business. Overturning a bad experience into a great one makes the difference. A person who experienced issues and didn’t get any support is likely to ruin your image through negative word of mouth or negative reviews. If you anticipate complaints and handle them correctly, you overturn a bad experience into a good one and prevent your business from harming. The person who has experienced the issue is more likely to spread the positive feeling they’ve witnessed because you’ve solved the problem straight away. Ignoring complaints is the worst thing a business could do and will dramatically harm your corporate image in the end.

How does it exactly work?

  1. Customers file complaints online
    Set up a digital way for clients to file any complaints. Make sure you categorize the contact forms correctly, so it doesn’t turn into a mess. A dropdown category list while filing the complaint helps a lot to digitize and sort the process properly.
  2. The ticket gets processed @ CRM
    If you make sure you organize a great digital process for complaints, it’s easy to handle them because the hard work will be done through your automated ticketing system. Set up an API connection between your current CRM and the Coupontools platform, and the hard part is already done.
  3. The customer receives confirmation of the complaint
    Make sure the customer receives a confirmation message. In the meantime, you have time to investigate the complaint and find the proper reimbursement for the experienced issues.
  4. The complaint section investigates the complaint
    Make sure your restaurant has a proper complaint philosophy. They have to detect the seriousness of the complaint and make sure the reimbursement is appropriate regarding the situation.
  5. Attach a coupon to your message
    Once the complaint has been investigated, it’s time to try and solve the issue. A reimbursement voucher or something like that could help the client to return to your business. If you don’t solve the complaint, the client could be lost forever.
  6. The customer receives a ‘reimbursement’ voucher
    The reimbursement voucher is attached to the solving message. You must acknowledge the seriousness of the complaint and take full responsibility for it. Only a voucher probably wouldn’t solve the complaint.
  7. The customer uses the reimbursement voucher
    If you have convinced the complainer that you’re sorry, the ball is in their court. It’s up to them if they’re going to use the voucher or not. You can only provide them with excuses and a reimbursement voucher. The most appealing thing about a digital complaint service with digital reimbursement vouchers is that it is completely trackable.
  8. Analyze the voucher journey Coupontools Digital Coupon generated turnover overview in a laptop.
    If the complainer used or didn't use the voucher, you could track the entire voucher journey. You can see where the voucher has been redeemed and who responded to your offer to make things right.  

Implementing digital Customer Care Vouchers has a lot of valuable benefits. Apart from the fact that it’s prevention from losing customers, there more. You collect customer data and other relevant statistics. Those are valuable and actionable insights to keep in mind for your future digital campaigns.

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Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants
Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants
Automated Digital Customer Care Vouchers for Restaurants
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