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4 issues every restaurant comes across 4 issues every restaurant comes across

4 issues every restaurant comes across

1. Customer Service
In (almost) every line of business, customer service is an important aspect. The service your restaurant offers shapes the entire corporate image. Nowadays, your food could be as good as imaginable, if you lack customer service, it is likely you lose customers. On the other hand, excellent customer service is an enormous loyalty trigger. Make sure you treat your guests right, and they remember the experience and positive vibe they witnessed.

2. Great staff
A great team of staff members is irreplaceable and affects many aspects of your restaurant. If you make sure you hire the right staff and correctly train them, it strengthens your corporate image even more. Your staff is the first point of contact your customers have while dining. So if your employees aren't well enough trained, they can easily ruin your reputation. Training staff sounds like an investment (and it is), but in the end, it is worth it.

3. A Unique Selling Point
It is truly necessary. It is not only about the food and the service but also the experience and feel you have to offer. It is the message and look and feel your restaurant radiate that triggers a certain feeling in the customers their minds. A certain position in your client's head is necessary and they need to have an emotional connection with your brand, business, and restaurant. If you make sure you chose the right Unique selling point, this could be a significant advantage over your closest competitors. 

4. Marketing 
Most restaurants can't focus on other things than ordinary business tasks. Those tasks mainly include their core business. Often the marketing aspect is forgotten even though this could be a quick win. 
However, every restaurant has a website, you still have to make sure your website looks good on any device a customer can visit your website with. Start engaging with your audience through social media. You can make a difference by offering great content at the right time. You have to make your customers see you are active.

4 issues every restaurant comes acrossAnother aspect that is overlooked, is offering (digital) discounts. If you use engaging coupons, spread them through the right channels, you generate more traffic to your restaurant. If you provide tempting digital Coupons when customers are doubting, you can make the difference. Many restaurant owners aren’t very positive about handing out discounts because they see it as if they are throwing out margin. You have to step away from these thoughts. It is the margin that is a bit smaller, but if you increase your venue traffic, you might gain more money in the end.

Another major asset is a loyalty solution, especially a digital one. Your customers have your Loyalty program always with them, and you can reach your audience anytime you want. A digital loyalty card is a trigger to come back to unlock that reward you are collecting points for.

Success isn’t about getting one of these 4 elements right. It’s about the coherence of all the elements together that has to be balanced. They all contribute to your overall corporate image, and all affect your restaurant’s turnover at the end.

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4 issues every restaurant comes across
4 issues every restaurant comes across
4 issues every restaurant comes across
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