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Online scratch card platform Online scratch card platform

Online scratch card platform

Gamification is a great asset in today's marketing efforts. If you aren't using or considering using it, you're missing out on a great angle to engage with your audience. You can miss out on a lot of profit and a better customer experience. An online scratch card platform like Coupontools is the solution for your business. I will explain to you in this article why an online scratch card platform is beneficial for your business. 

Why would your business use the online scratch card platform from Coupontools?

  • Offer gamification/experiences to the customer
    Let's be honest, who doesn't love a little game so now and then? With an online scratch card platform like Coupontools, you'll be able to design the most wonderful digital scratch cards yourself. It's a great way of providing a unique and pleasant experience to your audience. People are less likely to forget an incredible experience they had with your brand.

  • Create more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns
    When offering a digital scratch card to your visitors, your business is capable of capturing customer data. Let visitors fill in their personal data before they can access or claim the coupon. This way, your business collects customer data to create more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns for each individual, and the customer can access or claim the coupon. It seems like a win-win situation, right?

  • Boost your sales
    The main reason for launching digital scratch card coupons is most often to boost sales. Yep, indeed, that's basically what a coupon is for. It works in various ways: for example, if a person wins a prize or discount, he'll be triggered to use it. Limit their prize in time, and you'll see a peak of immediate redemptions without hesitation. Let's boost those impulsive purchases!

     Another way to effortlessly (and freely) boost your sales is to allow people to share the coupon on their socials and with their friends. You are not paying anything to promote it, your audience helps you out for free!

  • Increase brand awareness
    You can completely rebrand and restyle the digital scratch cards designed with the Coupontools software. This way, you can add your logo, corporate colors, texts, prizes,... People are likely to remember wonderful experiences, and a game contributes to that. Also because when playing the game, your logo and corporate identity are constantly in the picture. It's even possible to allow players to share your coupon on their socials or with their friends. The free exposure your brand generates with that is unaffordable.

  • Trigger FOMO
    FOMO, The Fear Of Missing Out, is a real behavior thing. It's in people's nature that they're scared of missing out on unique events. Translated to a scratch card, this signifies that people who have won something limited in time are way more likely to redeem their prize or coupon immediately. Mainly because they don't waste their luck and miss out on the unique prize they managed to win. That's something you should respond to in your marketing approach. It plays in the cards of impulsive purchases, something you should stimulate in your business or store.

Seems nice, isn't it? Here are some examples of wonderful digital scratch cards so that you can experience them yourself! Keep in mind that all templates provided in the coupon builder are ready-to-use but also entirely customizable.

Of course, many businesses have already done it before you! So why wouldn't you have a look into their cases? I have listed our most exciting scratch cards cases:

  1. Burger King
    Burger King is a fast-food restaurant chain that's active all over the world. In Kuwait, they distributed digital scratch cards in the restaurant to raise the money spent value at the restaurant. Have a look at how it exactly went down!
  2. Belfius Hockey League
    In Belgium, the Hockey league used a gamified coupon to engage with their fans and add value. Have a look at their case!
  3. Phygital Marketing Coca Cola
    Customers receive a flyer for every purchased Coca-Cola Enterprise product. On this flyer, there's a QR code printed. Customers can scan it and play a game to win a future discount on one of their products. Read the customer story to learn more about it.
  4. Al Mulla
    Al Mulla & Behbehani Motor Company used digital scratch cards to reward customers after their first purchase. Here's how it exactly worked.
  5. Oma Fresh Foods
    Oma Fresh Foods used Coupontools to distribute digital scratch-off coupons to promote the new store's opening in town. This way, Oma generated more awareness and traffic to the store. Check how it worked.


However, online scratch cards are just 1 type of coupon gamification the Coupontools platform provides. Have a look at other gamified coupon types you can effortlessly design with Coupontools:

Conclusion: online scratch cards platform

Online scratch cards are a proven way to engage with your audience, offer fun experiences, generate traffic, and eventually boost your revenue and sales! Many businesses have already used online scratch cards for assistance in reaching their business objectives. The Coupontools software has everything in-store to launch interactive and tempting online scratch cards and many more gamified coupon formats! Starting from this page, you can find all the information about the Coupontools marketing gamification.

You should definitely try it yourself! Sign up for a free trial account today!

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Online scratch card platform
Online scratch card platform
Online scratch card platform
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