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How to make coupons for your business? How to make coupons for your business?

How to make coupons for your business? Many businesses are putting their fate into digital coupons. They have had multiple disappointments and are looking for ways to generate store traffic and boost revenue. Digital Coupons are perfect for doing so, and I’ll show you why and how to start your mobile coupon strategy!

  1. Why digital coupons?
    Digital coupons give your business a great advantage compared to traditional coupons. Why?
  • Traffic generators
    Many businesses are battling for the customer’s attention. Make sure you stand out. Digital coupons, especially gamifieds, will help you do so.  Make sure that people find the way to YOUR store!

    How to make coupons for your business?

  • Boost revenue
    Offering discounts is the best way to generate more revenue. Discounts generate traffic but also raise the money spent value per person. Set up strategic discounts and generate more conversions. You have to make your clients believe that they’re the ones closing a great deal, while your business is the real winner.
  • Gamification
    It is possible to add gamification to your digital coupons. The Coupontools software provides scratch card coupons, digital spin wheel coupons, digital slot machines, memory games, and match2win. Provide your audience an experience, have them win something, and stimulate impulsive purchases. Furthermore, experience marketing is an important matter these days. To connect your brand with a unique experience is valuable. Customers are less likely to forget experiences and thus your brand as well.

    Digital Spin Wheel, Scratch & Win, and Slot Machine Coupon.
  • Brand recognition
    Interactive digital (gamified) coupons are also great for brand awareness. Add your logo, texts, corporate colors, and images to a digital coupon and make it look as if it’s yours. Customers will have a good time and will positively remember your brand.
  • Data capture
    Digital coupons are a great way to get to know your audience and establish a way to reach them. Easily add a data capture form to your coupon. Users need to enter their details to benefit from the discount. All data is yours and ready to use for future marketing campaigns! Furthermore, this is an audience that already interacted with your promotions. Very valuable!
  • Statistics/remarketing/RoI
    Thanks to being digital, you can check immediately how your digital coupon campaign is doing. You’ll end up with real-time statistics about the number of views, plays, claims, and redemptions. Great intel for future campaigns. The other great metric digital coupons provide a way to keep track of your ‘Return on Investment.’ A fundamental metric to see how your campaign is doing compared to the campaign cost. Thanks to being digital, it is possible to implement tracking pixels to a coupon. This way, you can motivate people through remarketing to redeem their coupons. For example, if people haven’t redeemed their coupon yet, you retarget them and motivate them to do so.
  • Touchless
    A significant advantage of digital coupons these days is that NO ONE needs to touch anything or someone. There's no need to pass on paper coupons, and you don’t even need to touch someone’s phone as well. Customers show their coupon, merchant scans a QR code from distances and can validate the coupon without touching the phone. Very convenient in the (post) Covid-19 era.

    How to make coupons for your business?

How to make coupons for your business?

Coupontools work with an easy-to-understand principle. Create Distribute Validate Analyze.

  1. Create
    First, you create your digital coupons. Select a (gamified) coupon type template, upload your logo, customize the look and feel and set up the values. All templates are customizable. Those same templates are also ready to use. Coupontools provides many templates about different industries. The only thing you have to take care of are the texts, discount value, distribution, and validation.
  2. Distribute
    The Coupontools software has various built-in distribution methods to spread your campaigns via your desired communication channel effortlessly. Integrate your digital coupons into your emails, text message, social media channels, website, app, newsletters. It’s all possible.
  3. Validate
    After distribution, people are going to redeem it. To mark used coupons, Coupontools provides various secure validation methods to guarantee single-use coupons. Once the Coupon has been redeemed, it can't be used again. More information about the various validation methods is provided in this article.
  4. Analyze
    Thanks to digital coupons, the ROI is precisely measurable. When launching digital coupons, you'll have an accurate overview of the campaign cost compared to what it brought in. Vital intel to check how successful campaigns have been. Another aspect is the statistics. You can consult how many times a digital coupon has been viewed, played, claimed, and redeemed. This means that you can see yourself where people dropped out in the process. If they only view it? It might be that your discount value is too low, or you require too much data compared to the discount value. Furthermore, we provide some automation possibilities that allow you to stimulate people to redeem their coupons or send another one when they have to redeem theirs.


Bottom line: how to make coupons for your business?

Digital coupons have many significant benefits for all sorts of businesses. Digital Coupons generate traffic, boost sales and improve your brand's awareness. Furthermore, the Coupontools software is user-friendly and allows you to create and distribute secure digital coupons in a few minutes. 

Start using Coupontools today and make wonderful digital coupons for your business yourself.

Any questions? Get in touch!


How to make coupons for your business?
How to make coupons for your business?
How to make coupons for your business?
How to make coupons for your business? We show you how to design and distribute single-use digital coupons online for your business 193 10193
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