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5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons 5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons

5 ways to securely validate mobile coupons

We often come across clients with a lot of questions about the validation process of Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Cards. Another prominent question is: is your system as secure as you claim? Coupontools offers 5 different Validation Methods. Four of these methods, you’ll have to set it up yourself with our user-friendly Platform. You can choose to combine multiple validation methods or select the one you prefer/trust most. Here's the summary of 5 different ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons.

  1. Validation widget/app Digital Coupon Validation by entering the unique code in the validation app.
    The most convenient way to validate mobile coupons and loyalty cards are by using the Validation App. The Validation App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. A merch has to log in on the application to validate the coupons. They log in with the login credentials you’ve set up while you created the Mobile Coupon. When logged in, the Merchant can securely validate the Mobile Coupon by scanning its QR code.

  2. QR code Validation Digital Coupon validation by scanning the QR Code on the Coupon.
    Another validation method Coupontools provides is QR code validation. It’s rather easy. It’s possible with any QR code scanning device. How can it be safe then? The Merch first scans the QR code displayed on the customer’s Mobile Coupon or Loyalty Card. After the code is scanned, the Merchant has to enter the predetermined validation password to validate the Coupon securely. It’s essential to keep your code secret to avoid abuse.

  3. On mobile device Digital Coupon validation by entering the validation password on the user’s smartphone.
    Validation of the customer’s mobile device is another possibility. A customer shows up at the checkout with the Mobile Coupon displayed on his phone. For this method, you have set up a predetermined validation code/password that the Merchant has to enter on the Customer’s phone to validate the Mobile Coupon correctly.

  4. Use your own validation codes/barcodesDigital Coupon Validation by importing your own barcodes and validation codes.
    With Coupontools, the Merchant can also choose whether he wants to implement its own Bar Codes. If you import your barcodes, our system will automatically assign your barcodes for every distributed Mobile Coupon. Note that a normal ‘3D’ Bar code scanner won’t work on Mobile Devices. You have to make sure you have a 2D barcode scanner to scan a code from any Mobile Device.
  5. Physical stamps
    The last Validation Method Coupontools provides the Validation by Physical Stamp. It’s quite easy, but you can’t set it up yourself. You have to reach out to Coupontools to order the Validation Stamps. Coupontools will deliver them to you and link them with your account to secure and smooth validation flow. The Customer only has to show the Mobile Coupon on its phone at the checkout, and the Mobile Coupon will be validated with a secure stamp on the customer’s phone. Do you want to see a Physical Stamp validation? Click here to watch the video! If you're interested in the validation stamps, get in touch!

This is an overview of the 5 different validation methods. The Validation Methods have a slightly different application, but they aim for the same goal: Secure Validation.

Hopefully, I answered most of your questions but if you still have any questions or doubts, contact our support team!

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5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons
5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons
5 ways to securely validate Mobile Coupons
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