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New year, go mobile. New year, go mobile.

New year, new chance to use digital coupons in 2022

The importance of mobile coupons is growing year by year and will continue to do so. The evolution and standardization of smartphones play a significant role in the way mobile coupons are evolving. I’ll give you a few reasons to make you consider the step towards mobile coupons in 2022.

  1. Stimulate impulsive purchases – create urgency
    Mobile coupons are the motivational trigger towards conversions for both in-store and online. At least, if you make sure your offer is limited in time. Believe it or not, FOMO is a real thing. The Fear of missing out is frequently used in mobile coupon strategies. Make sure you provide your visitors with a discount when they’re in doubt. Gamified Coupons are one of the best ways to trigger FOMO. You provide visitors with, for example, a mobile spin wheel coupon. They have their go and end up winning time-limited discounts. The winners’ feeling generates urgency, which is a massive trigger for impulsive purchases. Suddenly those pair of jeans doesn’t seem that expensive anymore.
  2. Mobile wallet purposes
    Mobile Wallet Marketing might be one of the most interesting features to consider in 2022. More people will use mobile wallets, and the actual mobile wallets are equipped with more advanced features. To take advantage of Mobile Wallets, Marketers must first search for a way in. A mobile Coupon or mobile Loyalty Card could do so. A user saves it to their mobile wallet and opens the door for precisely targeted communication. The Mobile Wallet passes can be seen as lightweight apps because of the slightly comparable features they provide. The real challenge is to balance your efforts wisely and only send important, relevant, and useful notifications to make sure you don’t bother the user.

    Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone. Coupontools Digital Loyalty Card, Spin Wheel Coupon, and Digital Payment Voucher in a smartphone.

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  3. Minimize your traditional ad cost by maximizing owned channels
    Implementing mobile coupons is a great way to maximize the results of your owned channels. Create engaging coupons that integrate perfectly into your social media accounts, website, emails, newsletters, or app. Going mobile brings another benefit to the surface; you’ll massively reduce your print cost and seriously increase your (customer) data. Money which you can re-invest for other mobile purposes.
  4. Accessible data capture and insights  Coupontools Digital Coupon generated turnover overview in a laptop.
    Instead of paper coupons, mobile coupons enable another major benefit. It’s an easy way to collect customer data. The first way to gather data is to set up a data capture claim method. Please make sure a user enters their personal data to unlock the discount. You’re in charge of which customer data you want to collect. Another way you’re collecting insights is the way users interact with your coupon. You’ll have access to metrics such as coupon open rates, coupon claims, coupon redemption, redemption per location, and so on. It makes the merchants capable of finetuning their future campaigns.


  1. Coupon Abuse 
    Back in the days when mobile coupons came to the surface, fraud was the main issue. Everyone has heard stories about merchants ending up scammed. Nowadays, these issues belong to the past. At least, if you use the Coupontools platform to create mobile coupons. There are 5 different validation methods available on the platform. Coupontools provides you all the tools to prevent fraud, leaving coupon abusers no chance. Press on the image for more info.
    New year, go mobile.
  2. Covid-19 proof solutions
    Due to covid-19, unnecessary contacts have been reduced dramatically, and keeping a safe distance is 'the new' normal. These safety measures have become a way of life. The habit has been adopted and is likely to stay around for some time. Given that situation, digital campaigns are the best way to maintain your mobile marketing at a certain level. 

    With the Coupontools digital coupons, you can easily maintain a safe distance and reduce contact. We offer the most interactive digital coupon software and the possibility to validate the coupon from a safe distance. So you don't need to touch anyone's device or even come near to them

    Furthermore, our digital coupons dispose of the most advanced features. We offer various secure validation methods that are perfectly operable from a safe distance. Our Coupons also have the option to help you shift your footfall to your store. The Coupon Validation Availability is an excellent feature to schedule your traffic. Have a look at the video.

    If you want some more information about Covid-19 proof campaigns, I'd recommend you to have a look at this article
    New year, go mobile.


However you spin it, there’s one thing that’s not going to change. The chances mobile coupons provide to make a difference towards your customers. Start 2022 with a bang and implement mobile coupons in your existing marketing efforts. You’ll definitely reap the benefits of it in a short time.

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New year, go mobile.
New year, go mobile.
New year, go mobile.
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