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How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers? How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers?

How to distribute secure digital vouchers

With our Coupontools digital voucher builder you can create and distribute electronic vouchers. The consumer goes to a sales point and demonstrating the received promotional voucher, agrees to the initiative. A digital coupon with its unique code is linked to certain products or its activation will require minimum purchase, for example: 10% discount starting from 100 Euro shopping.

Secure digital vouchers
Digital vouchers and coupons are a powerful way to attract consumers, encourage loyalty, and create competitive advantage. They can be easily integrated into any marketing campaign, in order to boost and measure results. Our vouchers and coupons can be delivered direct to consumers via any digital media device.

Every voucher or coupon is tracked in real-time and you view all results in the statistics dashboard. It also offers valuable insight into consumer behaviour, which empowers you to specially target future promotions, and to learn from past campaign results. Each digital voucher has an expiry date, varying from a few hours to as long as a few months and can be utilized only once, likewise in unlimited form.

By using our integrated voucher distribution methods, each distributed voucher is trackable and single-use.

A digital discount coupon can be personal, available only to a specific customer or, without distinction, for whoever.
It is also possible to play on the viral effect, that can develop this commercial initiative through Internet access, allowing the possibility to forward it to a friend or to a relative, utilising the messaging box “Share”, placed by the side of the digital code.

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How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers?
How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers?
How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers?
How to distribute Secure Digital Vouchers? 63 10063
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