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Coupontools Digital Coupon statistics dashboard shown in a laptop. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers.


Digital campaigns enable merchants and brands to collect more
complete and accurate information of their customers.
It results to a better understanding of their customers and the
potential to build a direct relationship.

Our campaign statistics give live reports about the
distributed campaigns. Monitor your mobile marketing
campaigns in real-time.

Advanced statistics

Coupontools Digital Coupon redemption rate overview in a laptop.

Redemption rates

Gather insights in the open rate, claim rate and redeem rate of your digital campaigns.

Coupontools Digital Coupon generated turnover overview in a laptop.

Generated turnover

Our digital campaigns allow you to consult a detailed overview of the generated turnover and the money spent value.

Location-based Digital Coupon statistics overview in a laptop.

Location-based advertising

The digital campaigns collects information about the user’s phone location. You’ll have a detailed map overview of where your customer opened and redeemed your Digital Coupon.

Extracted Digital Coupon remarketing list in an Excel sheet.


Use all the captured data to fine-tune future campaigns. We provide you with tools to capture both personal data and to use that data.

U | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers. | Coupontools Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and Digital Payment Vouchers.

You are in good

Digital payment vouchers as a solution for local merchants to generate revenue in times of lockdown. Here's how it works:

Quest Computers - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Quest Computers
Payment vouchers

Coupontools contributed to Taco Bell's Loyalty campaign in Kuwait. 

Koutfood - Taco Bell - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Koutfood - Taco Bell

Shangri-la hotels were looking for a way to add value to their services for their customers.

Shangri-la hotels - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Shangri-la hotels

To enrich the customer experience, Al Mulla  & Behbehani Motor Company decided to partner with Coupontools.

Al Mulla Group - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Al Mulla Group

To boost sales in the various retail outlets in France, Essilor launched an impressive SMS coupon campaign was launched.

Essilor France - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor France

Synergie was looking for a way to make the recruitment process more exciting. 

Synergie - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

To transit from paper coupons to digital coupons, Backspiel collaborated with Coupontools.

Backspiel - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Kout Food Group is a large concern with multiple big brands in its portfolio. Have a look at their stunning Burger King campaign.

Kout Food - Burger King - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Kout Food - Burger King

To reward their existing clients SipWell launched a Holiday Coupon Campaign!

SipWell - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The KFC headquarters of the United Kingdom and Ireland were looking to digitize their current customer care approach.

KFC - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Customer Care

Oma Fresh Foods recently opened a new location. Check how they used the Coupontools' coupons to gain exposure.

Oma Fresh Food - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Oma Fresh Food

PepsiCo boosted up Round Table Pizza sales with gamified coupons from Coupontools.

Pepsico & Round Table Pizza  - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Pepsico & Round Table Pizza

A Zimbabwean NGO was looking for an innovative solution to distribute food vouchers. Digital Payment Vouchers turned out to be the perfect solution!

Catholic Relief Services NGO - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Catholic Relief Services NGO
Payment Vouchers

Tablesfull is a restaurant-focused agency that, like the name already reveals, helps restaurants fill their tables on a regular basis. 

Tablesfull Agency - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Tablesfull Agency

SipWell launched a gamified coupon campaign to reward their loyal customers.

SipWell - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Burger King Cyprus uses Coupontools to boost their mobile marketing!

Burger King - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Burger King

Applebee's used digital coupons to bring customers back to their restaurant.

Koutfood - Applebee's - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Koutfood - Applebee's

Digital Loyalty Program to boost Customer Loyalty for a local barber!  

Mr Dapper Barber - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Mr Dapper Barber

Phygital Scratch & Win Marketing case for Coca Cola Belgium

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium

Mobile Guest is a digital agency situated in Canada. They provide 100+ clients in all kinds of industries with digital coupons. 

Mobile Guest - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Mobile Guest

McDonald's Hamilton was looking for a solution to automate the digital customer care flow.

McDonald's  - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Customer Care

Melvita was interested in using a durable coupon solution: 

Melvita - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and entertainment chain with 137 locations across the United States.

Dave & Buster's - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dave & Buster's

Zain Bahrein, a leading telecommunications operator chose to reward loyal customers with gamified coupons. 

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

Ecco is a Danish shoe retailer. They've set up a special Holiday Campaign using digital Spin Wheel coupons.

ECCO - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Coupontools added a new dimension to the digital invitation.

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg

Shopping 1 Genk used gamification to gather personal visitor data. Here's how it worked:

Wereldhave - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Fan engagement

McDonald's launched a digital customer care campaign. Coupontools was honoured to help with the campaign!

McDonalds Caspers - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
McDonalds Caspers
Customer Care

Shell is the number #1 global lubricant supplier and manufactures a full range of motor oils.

Shell Motor Oils Kenya - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Shell Motor Oils Kenya

Coca Cola stimulates customers to recycle by offering digital experiences!

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium
Fan engagement

We’ve served Coca-Cola The Netherlands to help them take their location-based coupons to the next level

Coca Cola The Netherlands - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola The Netherlands

Coupontools cooperated with Lidl on an amazing Mother's Day Campaign through a podcast. 

Lidl - Ireland - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Lidl - Ireland

Zain was able to reward customers with prizes via gamified spin wheels.

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

The Washington Redskins partnered with Coupontools for a location-based marketing campaign. Check how we helped!

Washington Redskins  - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Washington Redskins
Fan engagement

Essilor launched a digital coupon campaign via email to boost footfall to their opticians.

Essilor NL - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor NL

As part of the promotional campaign for their app, HBvL wanted to reward their app users with a coupon.

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg

Coca Cola introduced their new drinks with a Buy One, Give One campaign. Check it out!

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium

Bottega Verde is the No.1 beauty brand in Italy, with over 6 million customers worldwide.

Bottega Verde - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Bottega Verde

Essilor provides solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.4 billion people in the world.

Essilor The Netherlands - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor The Netherlands

Coupontools developed a custom mobile game for Zain Bahrain

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

Digicel is a mobile phone network provider operating in 31 markets across the Caribbean.

Digicel - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dining services are always on the lookout for unique ways to redeem or use deal vouchers.

KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras

Yellowpages Singapore offers an innovative way for businesses to connect with local consumers.

Yellowpages Singapore - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Yellowpages Singapore

DalleValle was searching for a new, better functioning app with a built-in mobile coupon directory.

Dalle Valle - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dalle Valle

GFK, a large market research organization, combined surveys with mobile coupons.

GFK - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The City of Holdfast Bay enriched their city marketing when they discovered mobile marketing.

City of Holdfast Bay - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
City of Holdfast Bay
City marketing

Phygital marketing is where the physical and digital worlds come together. 

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg
Print media

Boizão Grill use Coupontools coupons to promote their special offers.

Boizao Grill - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Boizao Grill

Coupontools helped Essilor Group Netherlands with their Influencer campaign

Essilor Group - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor Group

The Branson Saver App. Never pay full price in Branson!

Branson Saver - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Branson Saver

DipnDip used gamification to reach their marketing goals!

dipndip - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Thomson Reuters used Coupontools for their Synergy conference.

Thomson Reuters - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Thomson Reuters

Get exclusive and amazing food deals and discounts only at Deal City Kenya app.

Dealcity Kenya - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dealcity Kenya

Blikk launched a phygital marketing campaign. Check out how it worked exactly

Blikk - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Print media

Consumers enjoy promotions and discounts to shop from hundreds of merchants in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

WoWTenerife - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
City marketing

Sessibon is a leading name in the fashion industry, providing unique and creative fashion concepts.

Sessibon - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Scratch & Win coupons are incredibly popular among fans of all ages.

Belfius Euro Hockey league - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Belfius Euro Hockey league
Fan engagement

Elite Shoppers Club boost the economic stability of Barrow County with a local coupon app.

Elite Shoppers Club - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Elite Shoppers Club

Ticketuai is a cross-media mobile coupon portal located in Brazil.

Ticketuai - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Royal Resorts is using Coupontools to promote specific hotel services for guests.

Royal Resorts Mexico - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Royal Resorts Mexico

Thanks to our innovative stamp validation process, Djeans can offer secure coupons.

Djeans Jeans Store - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Djeans Jeans Store

Supercupon is a coupon marketing app in Costa Rica where local businesses can promote discounts.

Supercupon - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dulles International near Washington uses the Coupontools platform for parking discounts.

Dulles International Airport - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dulles International Airport
Print media

Moneybookz! Promotes local commerce, saves, consumers money, increase sales for businesses.

Moneybookz - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The Save More, Play More Coupon App. Find local savings throughout the city of Seward Alaska.

Sewerd Alaska Saving App - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Sewerd Alaska Saving App

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