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Virtual scratch off card generator Virtual scratch off card generator

Virtual scratch off cards are something that customers enjoy a lot because customers love to play a game to win something. Virtual scratch off cards can make this happen for your company. Read the article to learn more about virtual scratch off cards or watch the video. Tom is happy to explain it to you! Watch the video!

What are virtual scratch cards?
Virtual scratch off cards is another word for digital scratch off cards. When you scratch these cards, you can win a prize. This method can be fascinating for a company in any sector. An example: integrate it in your restaurant or retail store. It can also be a 20% discount on the next visit to your particular restaurant. 

Reasons to use virtual scratch off coupons

  • Improve your brand awareness
    A simple virtual scratch off card can improve your brand awareness. When a customer plays the game and wins something, he will tell it to his friends and family. This kind of customer experience will improve your brand awareness.
  • Generate more store visits
    A digital scratch off card can also help your company to generate more store visits. When the customer plays the game and tells it to his friends or family, there will be a chance that his friends or family will come to your store to play.​​
  • Boost your conversions
    When the customer wins something with your virtual scratch off coupon, the chances will improve that they will make an impulsive purchase. In this way, you can boost your conversions.

What are the benefits of virtual scratch off cards designed with Coupontools?

  • Add fun through gamification
    People love to play a game and especially when they can win something. It feels like they’ve won something that others didn’t. This game stimulates the customer to make impulsive purchases.
  • Improve your brand visibility
    You can add your logo, images, and branding to your virtual scratch off cards. It can help you to improve your brand visibility.

    Digital Scratch Off Cards Builder to implement in your mobile marketing
  • Integrated templates
    We made professional templates for you. You can customize these templates according to your taste and brand.
  • Flexible retries & resets
    You can set-up a reset timer and retries to allow the customer to play the game again. In this way, the customer has another attempt to win something.
    You can do this the way you want it to do, as a company.

  • Arrange winning odds
    With our software, you can set-up an unlimited amount of prizes, define the odds to win the virtual scratch off game. But you can also personalize the winning and losing texts. Par example: ‘Congratulations, you’ve won a 20% discount on your next purchase.’
  • Determine prize limitations
    You can determine prize limits. You can customize it your way so that 1 prize is only valid for 1 customer.
  • Capture data
    Before the customers are allowed to play the game, you can ask them to fill in a form. You can also require social logins. In this way, you have some customer data, and you can always do something with data. Here's another article about data capture ideas. 
  • Multi-channel distribution
    With the Coupontools-platform, you can send the digital scratch off card through your favorite communication channel. You can do this through a lot of channels like Facebook, Instagram, mail, SMS,…
  • Validation methods
    Your company can choose from a variety of 5 validation methods to let the customer validate their digital scratch off card. Learn more about the validation methods. Press on the image for more information!

Virtual scratch off card generator


Virtual scratch off cards have many benefits that you, as an organization, can benefit from. Customers like to play a game, and when they win something, they will have this winning feeling that will boost their impulsive purchases. For more information about digital scratch card coupons, visit this page.

With the Coupontools-platform, making virtual scratch off cards is very easy. Register now to create a trial account and create a virtual scratch off card yourself. 

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create digital scratch cards with Coupontools!
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Virtual scratch off card generator
Virtual scratch off card generator
Virtual scratch off card generator
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