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Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy! Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!

Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!

Everyone deserves to work smarter, not harder. That’s something Zapier must have been thinking while developing their services. But what is Zapier exactly? And what does it add to my marketing efforts?

How does it work?
Zapier helps you automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on your core business. Set up a connection between 2 apps you often use, define the triggers/actions. Zapier assures that those apps pass crucial data back and forth. If it weren’t for Zapier, this would only be possible if you’re a coding magician.

With Zapier, time-consuming tasks belong to the past. The best part of Zapier? You don’t need to mess with code or be a programmer. Zapier is made for marketers without any coding background. Yep, it’s that easy!!

The Zapier Flow

Integrate – Automate - Innovate

1. Install a trigger

  • Someone registers for my event

2. An action

  • Follow up in a week with the next steps

3. An action

  • Send them a welcome email

Why should you use Zapier with Coupontools?
For the same reason, you’d use Zapier with other apps; to automate repetitive tasks. For Coupontools this means, you can attach a continuation on important events that might have happened. For example, when a new lead is added to your CRM, you can set up a new trigger in Zapier. Whenever there’s a new lead added, Zapier passes that information to your mailing services, and there will be automatically sent out a welcome mail with a coupon embedded.

Coupontools API, Webhooks and Zapier

It, of course, also works the other way around. Whenever a new coupon validation took place, you want the record of that person altered in your CRM. Yep, possible.

Predefined Coupontools Zaps

1.            Gmail
Very easy to set up but a real time-saver. Connect Coupontools with Gmail and automatically send out emails via your Gmail when a new coupon claim happened. The user that claimed the Coupon automatically receives an email from your Gmail.

2.            Twilio
Great one! Very lovely to automate and finetune your communication efforts. For every new phone number/contact in your CRM, there’s a welcome text send out with a Coupon embedded.

3.            Google Sheets
Another very convenient automated flow is connecting Coupontools with Google Spreadsheets to automate your data collection flow. Very suitable for new coupon directory registrations. If someone registered themselves for the directory, their data is automatically added to your Google Spreadsheet.

4.            Facebook Lead Ads
Are you actively using Facebook Lead Ads? Then this is the kind of automation you’ve been looking for! For every new lead form filled out, you can set up automated gestures that have to be done right afterward. For example, everyone who filled out the Lead Form receives a single-use coupon by email.

5.            ActiveCampaign
Set up automation whenever a new contact is added to the list. Immediately afterward, send out and a welcome mail with a Coupon embedded to that specific new contact.

6.            PipeDrive
PipeDrive is a primary CRM tool that helps you visualize your sales process. Connect Coupontools with Zapier to your PipeDrive CRM and automate your repetitive tasks. For example, for every Coupon claimed, you want a new person created in your Pipedrive account.

7.            Shopify
Another fascinating connection with Coupontools is your Shopify account. Smoothly this flow and bring customers back to finish their purchase! For example, if someone abandons their cart, they receive a Coupon by email to convince them to complete their purchase.

8.            Salesforce
Salesforce is globally considered one of the best and most enhanced CRM software. It’s widely used among all kinds of businesses. Coupontools has a couple of cool predefined zaps with Salesforce, which will save you a lot of time and money.

For example, if someone redeems and validates one of your digital coupons, you want that person’s record automatically updated in your CRM system. It’s easy with Zapier!

9.            PayPal
Of course, PayPal can’t miss out on this list. Easily combine Coupontools with PayPal. For every refunded sale, you want the person to receive an email with a coupon embedded automatically. Yep, also a piece of cake with Zapier.

10.          MailChimp
Last but not least! Mailchimp. You want your Mailchimp lists updated whenever a person in the list redeemed the Coupon you sent them. So whenever the person used your Coupon, their data is automatically adjusted. This way, you automatically know who redeemed your campaign!

It seems quite nice, isn't it? We provide various predefined zaps. Here's a detailed overview of our predefined zaps. 

Those are just 10 of the most popular Coupontools’ Zapier connections. It would be best to try it yourself to see exactly what’s possible for marketing automation between Coupontools and your current apps. If you aren’t using Zapier yet, you’re probably still wasting time with automatable, repetitive tasks.

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Get in touch with me!

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Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!
Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!
Coupontools & Zapier: Automation for digital marketing campaigns made easy!
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