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Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features

Time certainly hasn't stood still at the Coupontools. We keep innovating and might have added what you were looking for in the past. Watch the video to discover more about our latest updates. You can either sit back and watch the entire video or just step in at the topics you find interesting by clicking on the timings behind every update below.

Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features

  1. Restyled campaign builders 
    We have launched a bunch of new features and improved the existing ones. We completely restyled the current campaign builders. It resulted in a more user-friendly and better performing campaign builder. Have a look at 00:21 - Renewed builders

  2. Integrations vs Launch
    We have completely launched the distribution & integrations page. It's now separate, which makes it more user-friendly.   01:42 - Integrations vs Launch
  3. Brand-new voucher builder
    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and more specific the lockdown measures, a lot of people were searching for a voucher and gift card solution to generate revenue while being in lockdown. To answer to the market's needs, Coupontools launched a brand-new voucher builder. It's easier than ever before to create digital payment vouchers. Users can complete a purchase in the voucher and finally receive a voucher for the paid value in return. 02:32 - New Voucher Builder
  4. Zapier integration
    Zapier is meant to automate your work where possible. Coupontools connects with more than 2000+ apps. Have a look yourself and start automating your process. 03:47 - Zapier integration
  5. New pricing packages
    When launching the improved campaign builders, we also had a look into our existing pricing model. We chose to transform the previous model into a more fair model. Instead of based on the number of coupons, it's now based on the number of user interactions. Learn more about user interactions04:10 - New pricing model

    Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
  6. Improved white label & subaccounts
    We have revised all the white label features and the subaccount manager of the Coupontools platform. The subaccount manager has undergone a complete make-over. It's way more user-friendly, has improved features and new payment methods. We also added some relevant, white-labeled marketing materials. It simplifies resellers' lives and gives them assets to resell the Coupontools platform under their brand. 04:37 - White label and subaccount improvements
  7. Website popups
    New distribution option! It's possible to embed the intent-based website pop-ups on your website. Those pop-ups display a digital coupon at crucial moments. We provide website pop-ups based on exit intent, scroll intent, time intent, and a clickable tab. 05:37 - Website Popups for coupon distribution
  8. New games
    There are 2! new coupon games available at Coupontools. It's now possible to create a memory game coupon and a match2win Coupon. Press on the word to experience a functioning example. For both examples, the validation code is '1234' 07:53 - New gamified coupon types

    Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
  9. Complete SMS-software / text messaging software
    Coupontools is not only for creating digital coupons. We are an all-round solution from creation until validation. With the built-in SMS-software, you distribute your digital coupons via SMS within a few clicks.
    09:25 - Improved SMS software

  10. New mobile kiosk builder
    At Coupontools, we also upgraded the Mobile Marketing Kiosk builder. It has undergone a complete make-over. It's easier than ever before to set up a wonderful mobile marketing kiosk. Log in and experience it for yourself! 10:00 - Improved Kiosk Builder

    Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
  11. Restyled statistics page
    While restyling the builders, our development team also took care of the statistics pages. We completely altered the layout, which resulted in a more precise overview.  10:30 - Enhanced statistics dashboard
  12. Wallet push notifications
    This one is not in the video. Compose Mobile Wallet Push Notifications for campaigns saved into a Mobile Wallet. This is possible for Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards.

  13. 'Money Spent Value' for campaigns
    It's possible to ask for additional data after successful validation. You can ask for more personal data or/and the money spent value of that customer. This provides you a more accurate and detailed overview of the ROI of your campaigns. More information about the setup of this unique feature in this article.

    Minor updates
  • Coupon validation availability
    • Set up specific time frames when clients can validate your coupon. Watch the video to see how it works.
  • Skip Homepage
    • Instead of starting at the home page, you can jump straight to the call to action of your campaign.
  • Claim timer
    • Set up a countdown timer on the claim page. I have set up an example coupon showing this feature. Have a look.
  • Additional and improved API calls
    • We are continuously updating our API calls and documentation to simplify your life. Here's the documentation.
  • New payment methods
    • We have added various new payment methods and options to our platform. It's now possible to accept payments via Mollie, Stripe, and PayPal.
  • New and more templates
    While upgrading the builders, we also took our time to provide more ready-to-use templates for every campaign type. 

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Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
Coupontools 2020, updates and improved features
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